Yoga & Surf Family Holidays

Imessouane (MOROCCO)   August 21-27 2017



Some days to celebrate life through the practice of yoga and learning to surf in an amazing place in nature. These holidays are specially designed for both parents and children to enjoy a delicious time cultivating body and spirit and their relationship with the Ocean and nature in general. But if you are coming alone or with your partner you are more than welcome. 

Susana will guide you deeply into the practice of Anusara yoga, pranayama, meditation, mantra. María will offer her love for yoga and children, making this a time for them to grow in consciousness. She will offer also some practices for the adults in the group. Both will share with you her love for the Ocean. Everyday we will practice together, we will eat delicious food and we will learn to surf under the instruction of our dedicated surf instructors – both if you are an experienced surfer or if you are catching your first waves.

We welcome you to the peace and majesty of this special place as we immerse together into these days of yoga and surf.


The setting

Imessouane is a magic place. From the 70´s, when some surfers and hippies fell in love with this place "at the end of the world", Imessouane has welcomed travelers from all the world in search of adventure.

A small fishing port, the people in Imessouane lives in synch with the rhythm of the Ocean, speckling the Bay with their little blue boats. The environment here is propitious for disconnection.  Its geographic configuration, the diversity of its ecosystem, its climate and the impressive beauty of its surroundings make it an ideal place for the practice of surf, stand up paddling, fishing, diving...

The Bay famous soft, perfect shaped and really long waves make this place a perfect spot to learn to catch your first waves if you are a beginner and to improve your style if you are an intermediate level surfer. In any case fun is a given and you will feel in love with its waves.


 The teachers


Susana Garcia Blanco

Susana Garcia Blanco

Anusara yoga & Acroyoga teacher

Yogini, surfer, traveler, student of life. Always amazed by the creative power of the human heart (hrdaya shakti), her mission is guiding students to that inner place of wisdom and power. Her classes are a place for transformation where she helps students to find their limits, with love and awareness, structured sequences and precise instruction. Everything infused with her passion for Philosophy, Myth and the therapeutic possibilities of yoga.

Based in Morocco, she teaches workshops, Immersions and Teacher Trainings in Spain and internationally. In love with the Ocean, she finds great connection and freedom through surfing. She founded Yoga Surf Morocco to offer retreats combining these practices of the heart. Susana feels grounded in the simplicity of her life in Africa, and for her,  yoga is the adventure of life when you live to the highest.

Maria Icaza

Maria Icaza

Yoga para niños, meditación, yoga, danza

María is a teacher of yoga and meditation. Great part of her life has been dedicated to the world of dance and dramatic art. Attracted by the human condition she studies a Master in Clinic Psichology. But it is in 1999 when she felt a great transformation after her first trip to India. In 206 she gets Certified as a Yoga Teacher in the Shivananda Yoga School. In 2008 she mets Swami Digambarananda (Danilo Hernández). She studies the technique of  Kriya yoga during two years. Back in India she does a Pranayama Intensive in Uttar Kashi, Himalayas. In 2010 she gets Certified as Yoga Teacher for Children with Christine McArdle. That year she starts the Anusara yoga Immersion with Gisela Vázquez in Madrid and she continues with the Teacher Training in this inspiring practice, where your actions flow from the heart. Very connected to Buddhism, she practice Vipassana Meditation since many years ago. She travels to India frequently. She teachers classes and workshops in her yoga center Vishnu in Madrid.


Youssef Idrouch

Youssef Idrouch

Instructor de Surf

Youssef is our main surf instructor and guide. A very experimented surf coach, with over 10 years of experience teaching beginners and intermediate surfers. Very outgoing and full of energy, for him is truly important to help the clients and make sure they are fully satisfied. He has worked for UCPA (Union Nationale des Centres Sportifs de Plein Air) for about a decade. Youssef has a very wide knowledge of the surf spots in Morocco, and his students are always delighted discovering amazing places for surfing.

The Lodge

We will stay in a three apartment building on the cliff. This lodge, with  minimalist decoration, has bedrooms that can be single, double (with a double bed) or triple (a double bed and two bank beds). Bathrooms are shared. There are several terraces in the house, all of them with amazing views over the Bay.

The building has a swimming pool and we have the possibility to practice yoga both indoors and outdoors.

The surf

Whether you’re an experienced surfer, a white water rider or have always wanted to take your first steps into the water this is the trip for you.

Each day starts with yoga followed by breakfast. Then we head out to the beach. The instructors will make sure to bring you to a place that suits your level and, most importantly, that you are getting the guidance you need to feel confident and have fun. All material (surfboards and wetsuits) are included.

Imessouane Bay is an ideal spot to learn surfing. And if conditions are small there are many other ways to enjoy the Ocean: SUP, canoeing,.. Or simply enjoying the majestic views from the top during a hiking in the mountains. 


August 21st is arrival day. In the evening will have our retreat initiation circle, create our intention for the week and enjoy our first dinner together. Retreat will end on August 27th after breakfast.

Plans could change depending flight schedules of the majority of the participants

This is how a retreat day could look like...

8 – 9.30 h            Yoga

9.30 h                   Breakfast

10.30 h                 To the beach… surfing lessons (lunch is at the beach)

5.30 – 7.00h         Yoga/

8h                          Dinner

It could be an optional trip to Essaouira or to some of the surrounding places.

Schedule might change depending on tides, conditions and trips. To get the maximum from the week, and specially from the surf, we like to work in flow with nature. 

Registration & payment

To make your reservation REGISTER HERE and fill up the registration form. Within 7 days you will receive an email with all the information to make the payment.

There are two options: with and without surf.  We highly recommend you the surf experience!!

There are three types of room:  single, double (with a double bed) and triple (with a double bed and two bunk beds).  All options have shared bathrooms.

Early bird price is until April 30th.  Make your reservation now!

Payment is final and not reimbursable.  

For more información contact us at 



Price includes

  • Chosen accommodation with shared bathroom
  • 3 delicious meals per day (lunch might be at the beach)
  • 2 classes of yoga per day (schedule might change with trips or ocean conditions)
  • Meditation
  • 4 hours of Surf class per day and all the surf material also for the rest of the day

 What is not included:

  • Flight to Morocco
  • Transport from/to Marrrakech or Agadir airport (this is left open to the individual or group needs but it can be arranged by us as an extra with individual taxis or with a group minibus)
  • Optional trip to Essaouira










 695 € (795 €)

  575 € (675 €)

 475 € (575 €)

   430 € (530 €)

before April 30th (after)



  575 € (675 €)

  455 € (555 €)

  355 € (455 €)

 310 € (410 €)

Before April 30th (after)




What do we need to know from you?

Please send an email confirming that you made payment or deposit to  and with your options of surf or no surf and accommodation type

Once  you have made your travel arrangements, send another email with al the following information:

  • All your travel information: air company, flight number, arrival and departure time, how many people is in your party. Specially if you arrive to Marrakech, make sure your that you book a flight that allows you to travel to the retreat center with the group. See Travel Arrangements below
  • Your telephone number
  • Yoga experience and if you have any injury or limitation
  • Surf experience (you don´t need any but we want to know if we have with us some "pros")
  • Any dietary restriction

What do you need to bring in this time of the year?

  • Climate in this area is usually nice: warm/hot during the day and cool during the night with the Atlantic breeze. In Morocco temperature can change a lot during the day (and even in the same hour because of the wind). So don´t forget a thick hoody or sweater or jacket or the nights or the cloudy days at the beach. Nights in Imessouane are usually pretty chilly
  • Wetsuits are included in the surfing material but feel free to bring your own wetsuit. A 3/2 mm is usually OK, but if you get easily cold you can use a 4/3.
  • Sun is always strong here. A hat, sun glasses and a high factor sunscreen are essential here. Really, sun here is stronger than in Europe.

And don´t forget an open heart and something totally necessary to fully enjoy Morocco: no hurry and a big smile.

Flights & travel arrangements

You can fly to the airports of Agadir or Marrakech. Agadir is closer but usually flights are cheaper to Marrakech. It will depend on where  you come from. Most cheap airlines fly to Marrakech from many European cities. Some are: Ryanair, Easyjet, Vueling.  Air Maroc is normally a little bit more expensive option.

Imessouane is about 5 hours away from Marrakech by road and about 2 hours away from Agadir airport. (The trip is really worth it once you arrive to the Bay!!!)  Transport from the airports is not included in the price but it ca be organize individually or in groups.

If your flight gets very late we ask you to reserve a flight the day before the retreat starts and spend a night in Marrakech or in the Agadir surroundings, so you can start the retreat with all the group. Marrakech is one of Morocco´s most popular destinations and there is a big offer of accommodation and things to do. Agadir is a chilled out city with really beautiful places around.

Looking forward to welcome you in Morocco !