Anusara Methodology & Co-Mentoring

with Susana García Blanco

REQUiRED MODULO for the 300 h Advanced Teacher Training


Anusara yoga has a specific methodology, which is described in at least four places in our curriculum:
  • In the Anusara Immersion Manual in the section called “The Methodology of Anusara Yoga”
  • At the end of the Anusara Teacher Training Manual, the list of “13 Central Teaching Elements” describes the Anusara method.
  • In the Anusara Level 1 Teacher Training Curriculum , there is a section called “Teaching Methodology: Presentation, Discussion and Exploration of the Essential Components of Teaching Anusara Yoga.”
  • There’s also a list of elements of Anusara Methodology on the ASHY website.
Many of these elements have been covered in the other required modules of the Advanced Teacher Training, such as “Teaching with a Theme”, “Observation and Adjustments”, “Sequencing” , and “Teaching with the UPA’s” , but a few that have not been covered will be a part of this module.
Our intention is that students will take this module towards the end of their 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training because it is designed to summarize the Anusara methodology and it includes a co-mentoring program that will prepare students for the class assessment element of the Anusara Certification program.


 Pre-requisito: Anusara yoga Immersion and Level 1 Teacher Training 


This module has two parts:
Part 1 requires a minimum of 12 contact hours with three intentions:
1.To cover the elements of the Anusara method that are not covered in the other ATT modules, namely:
  • Coordinating major movements and actions with the breath
  • Guidelines for verbal instructions, such as plain, active, explicit, linking, giving direction
  • Postural demonstrations
2.To summarize all that we have been studying in the other modules about teaching Anusara yoga, and;
3.To introduce and practice the skill of mentoring, which will prepare the students for Part 2 of this module.
In this curriculum guide, Part 1 is outlined in 4 sessions, each one three hours long.
Part 2 requires a minimum of 12 non-contact hours where we will apply all that we have learned about teaching a class in the 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training by being part of a co-mentoring program where students will work together to prepare for the Certification Video Assessment.




summer 2018



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