Teaching Meditation

with Susana García Blanco

REQUIRED MODULE  of 300 h Advanced Teacher Training


Meditation is the most fundamental and direct practice whereby the yogin actively and regularly touches and tastes the essential Self, the Divine which is already within and available to us all. Meditation has always been the main practice in all of yoga, and remains fundamental and necessary to the deepening of all the other yoga practices. Along with the other introversive practices, such as pranayama, self-reflection, and journaling, meditation is the perfect complement to the practice of asana or hatha yoga.
From the beginning and until the second half of the 20th century, the main practice of yoga was meditation. Meditation is to sit quietly with eyes closed and take the journey to, what in Tantra is known as the Heart, in Vedanta is known as the atman or inner Self, and in Classical Yoga is known as the Purusha or pure awareness.Today, most of us begin yoga with the asana practice, and asana practice remains the main practice of Anusara Yoga. A regular asana practice often leads to an interest in meditation, and our asana practice supports meditation in many ways. At the same time, meditation is a wonderful complement and support for our hatha yoga practice, and for many asana practitioners, the meditation practice becomes the central pillar of their sadhana.

Pre-requisite: Anusara yoga Immersio & Level 1 Teacher Training 

This module content, if needed, could expand into a second module, that would be an Optional Module 


  • Introduction to the Practice of Meditation
  • Philosophical Intention
  • Definitions of Meditation
  • Theory of the Meditation Practice – How it Works
  • Goals and Benefits of Meditation
  • Meditation Experiences–What Happens During Meditation?
  • Home Practice of Meditation
  • Template for Teaching Meditation
  • Group Sharing Sessions
  • Using a Class Theme to create a Meditation Dharana




summer 2018



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