Morocco 2-9 september 2015

A residential Thai massage training in a magical place in the Southern coast of Morocco with Oliver Chamorro.

Every morning, Susana García Blanco will guide you through a yoga practice mainly based in Anusara yoga but with other elements as vinyasa and the Acroyoga lunar sequence.

There will be time for Acroyoga sessions in the afternoon and to enjoy the amazing sunsets in this country that face the West.

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Thai massage training

This training will provide you with the tools to create a therapeutic Thai massage sequence for family, friends, clients, students. We will explore Thai massage touch, the subtle dance of giving and receiving, the breath, how to feel… There will be exercises to help understanding and integrating the fundamental principles of Thai massage: breath and rhythm, moment to moment presence, the use of weight and gravity, how to work from your center hara-tan tien, exploration and innocence to discover and to flow and move freely during the massage.  You will be surprised by the abilities you can develop in just one week!

When we offer this ancient massage our goal goes beyond healing. It aims to help the other believes his healing and be more independent

This week course is especially designed for you whether you are a yogi or you work with your body, healer or therapist, physical trainer, personal coach, or if you wish to go deeper in creating a more conscious, alive touch or even to experience this course with your partner.  Movements and techniques will adapt to the needs of each student.

Course includes a manual with both theoretical and practical content, to be able to keep on studying and learning after the course. You will receive an Attendant Certificate.

This course meets the required Thai massage hours to participate in an Acroyoga Teacher Training



Anusara yoga

Each morning we will welcome the day with yoga, to open your body, to awaken the senses, to relax your mind and to cultivate a more receptive heart.

Anusara yoga classes have a great focus on postural alingment as well as on the heart qualities develop with the practice. There will be sessions focused on exploring the form, with an apex pose in mind, and other more focused on vinyasa and flow. Always, movements and actions will be coordinated with the breath.

If you want more detailed information about Anusara yoga you can go HERE or to the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga website




This practice is a blend of the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics and the healing energy of Thai massage. Three linages that are the foundation of a practice that cultivates trust, playfulness and community. 

Acroyoga has two aspects: a solar practice, more related to acrobatics, and a lunar practice, deeply influenced byt the art of Thai massage. In this retreat we will explore more in depth the most therapeutic aspect of Acroyoga.


 The teachers


Oliver Chamorro

Oliver Chamorro

Physiotherapist, Thai massage, Acroyoga teacher

Thai Massage is his passion since he discovered it in 2007. For him, Thai Massage is precision, breath, dance, play, to create wellbeing in the other person discovering the infinite qualities of movement and therapeutic techniques. He has studied OsteoThai, Chinese Medicine, Social Work, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Physiotherapy and Taichi. He is a certified teacher AcroYoga, along with Yoga, Yoga for children and Thai massage. He learns and shares classes, retreats and workshops since 2007 in countries like Spain, Sweden, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Greece, Thailand, India, Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon …

His goal is to develop the values of people to make this world a better place. In his workshops you can enjoy a playful, meditative, sensitive and therapeutic approach. One of his passions is to connect with people and bring smiles and comfort. That’s why he is part of the development of projects such as the AcroYoga Circle Up

Susana Garcia Blanco

Susana Garcia Blanco

Anusara yoga & Acroyoga teacher

Yogini, surfer, traveler, student of life. Always amazed by the creative power of the human heart (hrdaya shakti), her mission is guiding students to that inner place of wisdom and power. Her classes are a place for transformation where she helps students to find their limits, with love and awareness, structured sequences and precise instruction. Everything infused with her passion for Philosophy, Myth and the therapeutic possibilities of yoga.

Based in Morocco, she teaches workshops, Immersions and Teacher Trainings in Spain and internationally. In love with the Ocean, she finds great connection and freedom through surfing. She founded Yoga Surf Morocco to offer retreats combining these practices of the heart. Susana feels grounded in the simplicity of her life in Africa, and for her,  yoga is the adventure of life when you live to the highest.



The setting

The surrounding area of is filled with Argan trees as far as the eye can see. The coast is winding with impressive cliffs that drop off into the blue Atlantic ocean. In front a 4km stretch of almost deserted beach with sand dunes, wandering camels, private beach cloves and even gentle cliffs that can be climbed. The most amazing sunsets over the atlantic, changing daily, fill up the sky each evening.

Goats can be seen scrambling up the Argan tree’s in search of the Argan nut. Fresh fish is brought in daily by the fishermen leaving on their iconic blue boats. During the rain season Oleander’s pop up everywhere, covering the landscape with bright pink and white flowers. The region is known for it’s Argan oil, produced in the many Women’s Co-operatives.

The lodge

The Ecolodge is nestled right in the middle of a beautiful bay, where you can enjoy the great view from one of our typical Moroccan rooms or experience the Berber lifestyle in one of our nomad tents.
The building is designed to make use of as much natural energy as possible while incorporating eco-friendly solutions such as a reedbed watercleaning system, dry toilets, the use of organic soaps and recycled-oil lamps.




The tents

Accommodation is mainly in beautiful traditional berber tents. There two double rooms with one big bed, three double/ triple tents with their own bathroom and two tents with 7 bunk beds and shared bathrooms. Everything has been built with so much love!

Prices are very similar for both types of accommodation and the double rooms and double/triple tents will be given by requests in a first pay first serve basis. So make your reservation as soon as possible!!!


The food

A fusion restaurant and tapas bar with an incredible ocean view terrace. All the products for the restaurant are sourced locally and used to create our fusion of Moroccan, French and South-East Asian Cuisine. We work directly with the fishermen, farmers and Berber families to establish a restaurant that provides a gastronomical experience while supporting the local community.  A vertical garden on the terrace that provides the kitchen with fresh herbs and edible flowers is coming soon.

Three meals per day are included (lunch usually at the beach). You always have the bar for juices, teas and drinks (not included)


September 2nd is arrival day. Everybody will meet at Marrakech airport for the minibus that will take you to the retreat location. That evening will have our retreat initiation circle, create our intention for the week and enjoy our first dinner together. Retreat will end on September 9th after breakfast.

This is how a retreat day could look like…

8.00 – 9.30 h            Yoga

9.30 -10.30 h           Breakfast

10.30 -14.00 h         Thai massage course

14.00 h- 16.00 h      Lunch & free time (the beach is a short walk away)

16.00 h – 19.00 h     Thai massage course & Acroyoga

19.00 h-20.00 h      Free time

8h                                Dinner

 Daily schedule might change without notice 

Registration & payment

Prices are very similar for both types of accommodation and the double rooms and double/triple tents will be given by request in a first pay first serve basis. So make your reservation as soon as possible!!! First number is the price for the bunk beds tents and second number is the price for double/triple rooms or tents.

Go to the registration page HERE and fill up your information with your preferred option. You will receive an email with further instructions in the next 7 days.

For any info and registration questions:

Deposits and payments are not refundable.


 Price includes:

  • Transport from/to Marrrakech airport with the group.
  • Chosen accommodation in the beautiful berber tents
  • 3 delicious meals per day
  • 50 hours of class with Certified Teachers: a Thai massage course that fulfill the requisites for the Teacher Training plus daily Anusara yoga classes and some extra Acroyoga classes
  • All needed material
  • Thai massage manual
  • Attendance Certificate

 What is not included:

  • Flight to Morocco
  • Optional trip to Essaouira
  • Juices, teas and drinks from the bar



670 € / 695 €

before may 1st


745 € /770 €

after may 1st

Info & registration



 What do we need to know from you?

Once  you have made your travel arrangements, send us an email with al the following information:

  • All your travel information: air company, flight number, arrival and departure time, how many people is in your party. Please make your that you book a flight that allows you to travel from Marrakech to the retreat center with the group. See Travel Arrangements below
  • Your telephone number
  • Yoga experience and if you have any injury or limitation
  • Surf experience (you don´t need any but we want to know if we have with us some “pros”)
  • Any dietary restriction

What do you need to bring in this time of the year?

  • Climate in this area is usually nice: warm/hot during the day and cool during the night with the Atlantic breeze. In Morocco temperature can change a lot during the day (and even in the same hour because of the wind). So don´t forget a thick hoody or sweater for jacket or the nights or the cloudy days at the beach.
  • Sun is always strong here. A hat, sun glasses and a high factor sunscreen are essential here. Really, sun here is stronger than in Europe.

And don´t forget an open heart and something totally necessary to fully enjoy Morocco: no hurry and a big smile.

 Flights & travel arrangements

You will be flying to Marrakech airport. Most cheap airlines fly to Marrakech from many European cities. Some are: Ryanair, Easyjet, Vueling.  Air Maroc is normally a little bit more expensive option. (If you prefer to fly to Agadir please let us know before buying your ticket) 

Marrakech is about 3 hours away by road. Transport from Marrakech airport to the retreat location is included in the price if you come with all the group. A minibus will depart from Marrakech airport on the early afternoon on April 20th.

If flights from your city arrive in the late afternoon or early evening, please book your ticket for the day before. You will have to spend a night in Marrakech to be able to make it with all the group. Marrakech is one of Morocco´s most popular destinations and there is a big offer of accommodation and things to do.


Looking forward to see you in Morocco!


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Muchas gracias por tu subscripción, Namaste!

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