Women and Yoga

with  Susana García Blanco

REQUIRED MODULE for the 300 h Advanced Teacher Training


Anusara Yoga has a strong capacity to support womens unique and ever-changing physiology. This support is expressed through principles of alignment, principles of transition that can optimally support hormonally loosened joints and ligaments during certain phases of a woman´s life. a high level of training and awareness among its certified teachers.
Additionally Anusara Yoga honors the Feminine principle as it expresses in both men and women through its philosophy, which includes:
  • A life affirming and body-positive Tantric philosophy.
  • Emphasis on relationship, community and Kula.
Historical, cultural and ethical considerations have significantly impacted women in yoga for thousands of years and in many cases overtly devalued the Feminine. For this reason, ASHY presents this required module of the ATT, both to celebrate and strengthen our support of women and honoring of the Feminine and to give it practical application via the way we understand and teach to women’s bodies. As a result of this module, our intention is that all certified Teachers of Anusara Yoga, whether they are male or female will be knowledgeable about and aware of ways to teach women in a more effective and nurturing way. 


The curriculum of this module includes information, inspiration and practical guidelines on the following subject areas:
– Discussion of Feminine and Masculine in broad philosophical terms such as Yin and Yang,Shakti and Shiva, Chandra and Surya, Earth and Sky.
– Historical considerations re: the place of women in Yoga and spiritual practice.
– Specific ways in which the Anusara Yoga philosophy and methodology honors the Feminine principle.
– Cultural and ethical perspectives including body image considerations and the effects of media.
 -Use of Language / Awareness of how use of language and ways of speaking can unintentionally favor the Masculine principle and dismiss the Feminine.
– Styles of Teaching / Awareness of styles of teaching that can unintentionally favor the Masculine principleand dismiss the Feminine
– Structural, muscular and biomechanical differences and considerations.
– Information for each of the phases listed below – to help teachers understand physiological and hormonal considerations and make  intelligent and honoring class plans that may include appropriate modifications and recommendations.
  • Menarche
  • Menstruation (Moon Cycle) including Premenstrual
  • Fertility issues
  • Pregnancy
  • Postnatal and Nursing
  • Peri-menopause
  • Menopause
  • Honoring the Wisdom of the elder Yogini





summer 2008 



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