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Unfortunately, menopause is still a taboo and a process that, though natural, is loaded with many negative connotations


The truth is that menopause is a SACRED PORTAL to a much deeper dimension of you as a woman



To change your perspective so you can experience menopause as one of the most sacred times in your life as a woman


How consciously preparing for perimenopause and menopause will reduce their “negative” physical and emotional effects


The power of shadow work to release past emotional baggage


To stop being a victim of time and empower yourself to blossom at any age


Understanding the astrological cycles of middle age so you can integrate the available energy for your growth


Susana García Blanco. Profesora de yoga y astróloga

My name is Susana García Blanco. I am 54 years old. I had menopause when I was 47. After years of struggling with body issues, I was finally at ease in my body. Menopause came by surprise during a very challenging time in my life. Among many other things, I had to make peace with my body and its changes once again and so, I decided to use all the tools I had to fully honor this sacred transition.

It is being the most powerful journey. 

My mission became serving women in their transformation journey towards their highest potential, specially through perimenopause and menopause.

Let me share with you all the tools that have served me in my process: Coaching, Yoga, Astrology, Taoism and sacred sexuality, Emotional Healing, Mindset and Manifestation Techniques, Mythic Consciousness, Yoga Philosophy, Subtle Energy practices Nutrition, Essential Oils… and 25 years of experience teaching and holding groups.

Susana GB

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