YOGA: Practices of Transformation

TAMRAGHT Yoga Studio

One of my favourite definitions of yoga is as «technology of transformation». There are many the benefits, short and long term, we experience in our body, our mind, our emocional body. However, the highest purpose of this practice is the full experience, in this life of Cit and Ananda, the purest consciousness and the fullest happiness. Yoga offers different resources to clean, purify and transform our limitations, our patterns, our inercias, our suffering… all layers of «dust» that block the enjoyment of our essential nature.

Come to practice in an alchemic weekend of transmutation of your limitations into nectar.

All session are apt for all levels with modification both for the most beginners and for advanced students.  

Session 1 – Shiva. Turning poison into nectar

Backbends practice connecting with the alchemical power of the heart

Session 2 –  Saraswati. Opening the river of your creative energy 

The transforming power mantra and movement with the breath. Hip openers, pranayama, muera, mantra, meditation

Session 3 Tapas: the energy of transmutation 

Energic and dynamic practice with arm balances and more. We will end the morning with a Yoga Nidra session

april 27, 28, 29

TAMRAGHT (Morocco)


Tamraght Yoga Studio


120 € before March 21th (150 € after)
each session: 45 € before March 21th (55 € after)

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