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Find your purpose

Have you ever felt lost, like not knowing what you are doing here? Do you have to take an important decision  and you feel you do not have the necessary tools?  Is it difficult for you to accept yourself, to love yourself exactly as you are?  

You are not alone. Most human beings experiment these feelings at some times. To be human implies that a part of what we are is hidden to us and life is an incredible journey of discovering. However, either because the external pressures, or because a lack of focus or because of subconscious fears to get out of our comfort zone, it is not that easy to find our way. 

 I truly believe that we come to this world with a mission. When we fully connect with it, with our life purpose, we feel more full, more happy. In the hindu tradition it is called dharma. We could  define it as each individual personal contribution to the dynamic balance of the Universe. 

Many times I receive this question: how can I know my  dharma? Ho can I connect with the deepest purpose of my life? 

This is the reason behind this Astrology Coaching sessions, so you can re-discover your own resources for your healing. transformation and evolution.

Astrology is an incredible powerful tool to know yourself, to accept yourself, to love yourself.  

Astrology is an incredible powerful tool to:

know yourself,

to accept yourself,

to love yourself.  

Astrology Coaching 

I offer four different types of sessions that will allow you knowing yourself better and connecting with your purpose.  

The first three sessions are an exploration of yourself and they will guide you in a powerful personal transformation, You can go for all the sesiona or only for some of them. (I always recommend to leave one month in between sessions to be able to assimilate all the information and apply all the necessary changes)

The reading of the natal chart is by itself a full session and I encourage you to start with that, especially if you have not explored it before. 

What makes these sessions really special and effective is that we work very particularly for your own personality, taking into account your unique individual characteristics. 

If you want to have a session with me keep on reading…. 

Coaching astrológico online con Susana García Blanco

Astrology Coaching Sessions

Coaching astrológico online con Susana García Blanco



Your astral chart shows your resources and your challenges, the moments of change and transition, your life lessons, your deepest desires, the purpose of your life. An astral chart reading is like a mirror in which you recognise yourself. As you are. A deep mirror that reflects your fullness, your fortitude and your vulnerability.  

A very powerful tool to know yourself, to accept yourself and to  evolve yourself. 

Equilibrio, sesión de coaching astrológico online



All the Universe participates of the energy of the four elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether.  Each of us has different proportions of these elements and this is reflected in your natal chart.  

In this session we explore your elemental nature so you can use your resources and be aware of which are the energies you need to cultivate consciously to flow with the natural current of life and live in greater harmony.  

Nodos lunares, sesión de coaching astrológico online


Your shadow & your life purpose

This session is a deep journey with a double focus.  

On one hand we will explore your most unconscious behaviours and tendencies (your shadow). Really liberating!

On the other hand, you will connect with your highest soul purpose, with what you have come to manifest in this life at the deepest level. 

Sinastría, sesión de coaching astrológico online


Your relationships

Sinastry is the comparison of two natal charts and allows for the study of the relationship between two people, their affinity, attraction, compatibility, points in common, conflictive places,… 

It can be applied to love relationships, parents and children, business partners, family members, or any type of relationship and helps to build strategies to favor cooperation and positive interaction between two people. 

Ciclos vitales, coaching astrológico online


Life cycles

Your natal chart is a map for your life.

Each turn around the Sun, each birthday, marks a new cycle.  .

You can synch into those cycles energy through a reading called Solar Return.

Your life is your big project and each year you complete part. of it with new goals and objectives, paying attention to different parts of yourself. 

What they say about my Astrology Coaching sessions

To go through the Astrology Coaching with Susana has allowed me to know many personal aspects that were in some way hidden, and also to understand my tendencies, long life patterns, likes, main personality and ways for not repeating actions or tendencies that, in a way, were not in the highest good for myself.  In an incredible way, because I did not even know about their existence, the Lunar Nodes have revealed to me a part of myself that has given me lots of peace and where I can work to be a better version of myself. No doubt this has been one of the best gifts I could give to myself. It has become a tool that I check many times when I feel lost. I totally recommend it!  

Máriam Celaya

Cineasta, guionista de cine y estudiante de yoga.

To have the information from my astral chart marked a before and after in my life.  
It provided peace and recognition of many things that are inside of me and that are part of my Self, my light and my shadow… and also the tools  I have to live and move over the challenges in life. No doubt is a vital experience full of fundamental information to keep on my path of Self-knowledge and Recognition. 

Irene Antón y Más

Founder of Yoga Durga and yoga teacher .

My astral chart reading with Susana gave me really valuable information about myself, both at a personal and professional level. I was impressed by seeing how the most intense periods in my life, those of higher challenges and learning were reflected in the chart. No doubt this is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself or others. Transformation through self-knowledge! 

Ledicia Álvarez

Founder of Bhairavi Yoga studio and yoga teacher.

Or contact me at 



What about supporting your process with a personalised mala?

The Universe offers to us great power and wisdom in the form of crystals and stones.  

They give us healing and cleansing, protection against negative energies, connection with beauty and abundance, magnification of divine energy…

Their benefits are innumerable.

Now we can use this power in a totally personalised way through a magical collaboration between

Rasa lila astrology logo
Swing Malas logo
Swing Malas y Rasa Lila Astrology

How does it work?

1. Book a reading of your astral chart. It can be a natal chart reading or any of the sessions that I offer in my Astrological Coaching above.

2. Inspired with the most important themes in your chart, from your process in the moment or your life journey,  Pilar e Irene from Swing Malas will choose the best combination of stones and crystals to support your life process.  

3. Before creating the mala for you, they will get in touch to make sure that you love the chose combination.

You can order a mala for your life, for this year  (if you do the solar return reading), for a particular transit you are experiencing in this moment…  

There are infinite possibilities and,  

all are unique for you!!!

And still the best…

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