Women Circles

Traditionally, women have always got together to connect and to potentiate their energies. Patriarcal societies, more based on competition than collaboration, made us forget the power of sisterhood. When a group of women get together, a phenomenon called resonance happens: our energies amplify, we get inspired to follow our dreams and we support each other in their manifestation. Science supports the healing power of women circles. It is proved that when women are together in prayer, meditation or any type of manual and creative activity, they produce more oxytocin, one of the hormones of happiness, that also inhibited the production of cortisol, the stress hormone.

The intention behind these women circles is: 

  • to create sisterhood bonds between women, nets of support
  • to participate in the awakening of the feminine energy in the world
  • to connect with the creative energy that each woman have and with her innate power, a power that is different from the masculine power
  • to create a safe place where we can be vulnerable, share our challenges as women and help to energetically heal ancestral patterns in our family lineages that are transmitted from generation to generation
  • to create magic and have fun!!!

Price:  15 €  

(but come even if you cannot pay it)
Please confirm attendance two weeks before the circle. It is very important!


Usually circles will be hold in the days of Full Moon and/or New Moon and  they will be focused on themes related to the phase of the year we are on.

Duration will be between 2 hours, from 20:00 to 22:00 h

Círculos de mujeres con rasa lila yoga

Upcoming circles


October 27  New Moon in Scorpio (Samhaim) 

November 26  New Moon in Sagittarius 

December 12  Full Moon in Gemini 

January 24  New Moon in Aquarius  

February 23  New Moon in Pisces  (to confirm)  

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