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 No words to describe its magic. You will fall in love. As so many of us. Meeting point between the Atlantic and the terracotta foothills of the Atlas mountains, speckled with argan trees so far as the eye can see. Bereber villages where locals live side by side with surfers from all over the world in harmony with the Ocean. Mild and pleasant climate all year round. Magical sunsets over the Ocean, that become a ritual. Everything under the sound of the mosques call for prayer, reminding the permanent presence of the Divine around you. 

Clases de anusara yoga online y presenciales


In my more of 25 years of practice, yoga has never stopped being a revolution, shaping body, mind and heart; the way I experience my life and the Universe around me. Yoga gives flexibility and strength, connects you with your inner wisdom, your intuition and helps you to live from an inner placer of calm and happiness. 

And it is the most harmonic combination with surf and the ocean.


An experience of awareness, of surrendering to something bigger, and at the same time, of connection with your own power. Surf gives you a closer relationship with the Ocean and with nature and a deeper connection with your own power. It brings to your life simplicity, grounding you and bringing new challenges that face you with your fears and connect you with humility and strength. But, more than anything, it  is a lot of fun!!! You will feel like a child and you will get hooked. This is in part due to the chemical substances generated, both in your body and on the waves. You can read about this 

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