Full Moon in Aquarius: the collective heart

by | Aug 22, 2021 | Astrology, General, Women

The second Full Moon in Aquarius in a month is happening with the Sun in the very last degree of Leo and the Moon holding hands with Jupiter in Aquarius.

The Leo-Aquarius opposition talks to us about how to balance the energy, the intention and love we put in our inner circle with what we offer to society as a whole. 

As I guess it is happening to you, in the last days there is a recurrent thought in my mind about Afghanistan and, specially, women in that country. This Moon is a big reminder that we are part of a something bigger (humankind?) and that what is happening to people in another part of the world affects us more than we even know. 

Leo represents our heart with its passion and warmth. Aquarius connects us with the collective heart.

And that collective heart hurts when we witness full of impotence how the countries of the world and all the organisations, that cost us so many resources, allow how a group of depraved ignorant fundamentalist trample over all human rights at once.

It hurts deeply. 

This axis Leo-Aquarius reminds me that I cannot be fully happy in the safety of my own life while other places of the world are covered by the black darkness of burkas.

We live in the era of the awakening of the feminine in all aspects. This awakening comes with intense shadows. It is really meaningful that at the precise moment of the Full Moon, the Moon and Jupiter will be in the house of the subconscious, the house of the Mother, the House of the lineage. The lineage of humankind. The lineage of womankind. We are all interconnected by invisible threads as trees of the forest by their roots



 Allow yourself to feel the faltering beat of fear and rage of the collective heart. Maybe by feeling and drinking on Jupiter´s passion and abundance this Moon, we would get to take some action.

Lets pray for Afghan women so they can keep the connection with the inner place where freedom cannot be silenced. Lets keep on sending energy and prayers so in some way they can feel they are not left alone. And lets do more

I have been looking for ways of helping and I want to share with you here what I found up to now. 


Instagram accounts with relevant information 











Lets share information.

We need to pressure our governments to do more and  


Afghan women will not lose their voice 





Saturn entrance in Aquarius brings a new vision for all collective.


Cooperation is needed to create new structures and organisations 

that assure respect and dignity for all human beings.


And peace. 


S A L A M   A L E I K U M!


Happy Aquarius Full Moon!



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