rasa lila yoga

Rasa lila yoga

rasa  flavour, essence, to savour, to relish, to feel,  juice, nectar

lila     play, pastime, Divine Play

rasa lila

In the Tantric tradition, the Universe is a play of the Divine, existing for no other reason than the joy of it. 

rasa lila yoga is an invitation to live the Play of Consciousness

 through yoga, through awareness practices, through Astrology….

 relishing in every experience as Divine. 

I love the concept of “rasa” since the first time I encountered it. In the rasa theory there are 9 rasas. Some are pleasurable, like peace or love; others are not, like anger, fear or disgust. They constitute the palette of “emotional flavours” that mixed with each other creating the experience of being human. The Supreme then experiences Itself in infinite forms that are you and I, and every one of our experiences. 

Through the practices of yoga, every emotion, every life moment can turn into an opportunity for personal growth and, also, into a portal towards the full “tasting” of the Self. That intimate experience of the Self, of infinite love, awareness and bliss is also called rasa: “the delightful taste of your inner Self”. The Maha rasa. The Great rasa

Rasa lila also literally means the “sweet pastime”. In Hindu Mythology, it is the name of Krishna’s favourite pastime as he dances with the gopis, bewitched by the sound of the music from his flute. Rasa Lila is the dance we experience with every breath, the play of life itself. Rasa Lila is the eternal dance of the Universal with every individual soul; the intimate relationship between each Individual self (yes, you too!) and the Ocean of Grace of which we are part.

Yoga classes with Susana García Blanco

I invite you to fully participate in the dance,

 through my yoga offerings, through movement & breath, through my on-line courses

 through the experience of the ocean and a new culture in my yoga & surf retreats in Morocco,

 knowing yourself better through Astrological Coaching,

 drinking from all the rasas of the feminine in my women circles,..

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