rasa lila yoga

rasa  flavour, essence, to savour, to relish, to feel,  juice, nectar

lila     play, pastime, Divine Play

rasa lila

In the Tantric tradicion, creation is a play of the Divine, existing for no other reason than the mere joy of it. Al the Universe is the Play of Consciousness.

rasa lila yoga is an invitation to live your yoga practice, and your life as well, as that Play of Consciousness. It is an invitation to experience this embodiment, through yoga, through play, savoring every experience as Divine

It is an opportunity to experience this embodiment, through yoga, through play, relishing in every experience as Divine; because the promise of yoga is that inside of every experience there is the final taste of the sweetness of Ananda, divine Bliss. If we take the premise, as taught in the ancient Tantric texts, that the essence that pulsates at the core of everything is goodness, that “everything is Shiva” [Shiva= goodness, the Auspicious One], then all flavors in life, although different, are worth it to experience. From that perspective, we embrace life to the fullest and we drink directly from the nectar of our heart.

Rasa lila is that “play of the infinite flavors of experience”. The Supreme experiencing Itself in infinite forms that are you and I, and our experiences. Then, in the words of my teacher Douglas Brooks  “the issue is not to feel but to refine how we feel”. And that is yoga. Yoga is the process of the refining of our senses, our mind, our heart, so we fully experience our true nature.


Rasa lila also literally means the “sweet pastime”. In Hindu Mithology, it is the name of Krishna’s favorite pastime as he dances with the gopis, bewitched by the sound of the music from his flute. Rasa lila is the eternal dance of the Universal with every individual soul. It represents the intimate relationship between each Individual Self (yes, you too!) and the Ocean of Grace of which we are part of. Rasa Lila is the dance we experience with every breath, the Universal taking form as prana Shakti, pulsating and dancing inside of every one of us.

Through rasa lila yoga I invite you to fully participate in the dance…


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