Yoga & Surf: a magical combo

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In the last years the market is full with offers of Yoga & Surf retreats. But, 

what makes this combination appealing for you as a yogi? 

In this article I contemplate, from my love for these two soul practices, some common things between them and how surf can actually inspire and activate your yoga practice… and viceversa. 


1. Immerse yourself… in the Ocean

The Ocean. Vast. Immeasurable. As the Ocean of Consciousness. The feeling of being part of something so much bigger than yourself. You feel tiny and immense at once. A similar sensation  to meditation, when you explore the infinite Universe inside.


2. The great purifier

One of the main goals of the yoga practice is purification. Salt water has been used for millenniums to cleanse the energy of crystals, places, people,.. If you add the purification and revitalising power from all the ions generated in the surface of the waves you have the most amazing energy cleansing cocktail. 


3.The breath 

Inhale… exhale… hold the breath for a few second under the water… one… two… three… four… five… feel the air in your face and inhale again


4. Listen, observe, flow

To learn to read the Ocean, to choose the right wave… or your favourite one. Feel when you allow yourself to be taken by the big flow and when to take action.


5. Concentration

Surf makes your attention focus: on the waves, on your position in the ocean, on the other surfers around, on any change that is happening. Other thoughts move to a second plane and the mind gets free. 


6. Strength

An amazing way to develop physical strength… and mental strength too.  But no worries… you can dose it to your level choosing the right place, the right moment and the right board.


7. Awakening your inner child

Surf is a play. A play in which you learn to fall and stand up again; to laugh about yourself. To feel your power and your limitations. But specially to enjoy yourself. 

8. The kula: community

The surfer community has a common heart: their love for the waves, their love for fun, their love for joy, the love for challenge.


9. Pachamama love

You will further fall in love with Mother Earth. You will become the guardian and protector of the Earth and the Waters of the planet. 


10. Cit: self-knowledge

To see yourself inside. To feel your power. To look to your fears face to face. 


11. Ananda: bliss

Moments of pleasure engraved in your heart forever. No possible to explain but it is addictive. Really, few things compare to the pleasure of surfing a nice wave. 


12. Svatantrya: freedom

Yoga´s main goal is liberation. Freedom from suffering. Freedom from limitations. The practice of surfing makes us feel more free, more able, more integrated with nature and with the Universe. Happier.

Susana García Blanco is a pioneer in the offer her retreats in the Atlantic Moroccan Coast since more than 10 years ago. She founded Yoga Surf Morocco to share these two soul practices in  a country that conquered her heart from the first day she step on African land. 




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