The Beliefs that Keep You from Manifesting the Life you Desire

The Beliefs that Keep You from Manifesting the Life you Desire

You are the creator of your life. 

This idea might sound to you like truly liberating or it might be terrifyingly triggering. 

How can I be the creator of all the things in my life that I do not desire at all?

How is then that I cannot manifest what I most deeply desire? 

I am not blaming you at all about your reality. Not at all. I am talking about how the Universe work in its creation process.  

Let me explain it to you.   

Your mind is divided in two parts: the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. 

Think of an iceberg.

The top of the iceberg (what you see) is your conscious mind. This is the part of yourself you know well. Your conscious thoughts. “I want to have a beautiful life” “I will thrive through menopause”. As for the iceberg example, this is a very small part of your mind.

Then there is the “huge” underwater part of the iceberg: your unconscious mind. This is your mind storage place. Everything is kept here: good and bad memories, traumas, stuck emotions, impressions from old experiences. We call them, in general, your “unconscious patterns”… Just because you are not conscious of them. 


And here is the main thing to understand:

 Your mind manifest directly

from the unconscious material. 

So, often, your conscious desires do not show up in your outer reality. What is manifesting is consequence of your childhood trauma, or your grandmother’s ancestral wounds or your parents scarcity consciousness, to say a few. 

Something I have observed frequently is that, even if you have done lots of inner work during your life, lots of these unconscious patterns resurface with perimenopause and menopause, especially those related to your feminine linage. Themes related to self-value, body issues, sexuality… It is definetely a time of purification and refinement. 

The good news is that

you can change your unconscious beliefs.

And that this is the perfect time to do it.

And not only for you.

When you heal your subconscious limiting patterns, you are healing your ancestral lineage, backwards and forward in time.

Our generation has the time, the opportunity and the resources to heal the wounded feminine. It is a privilege and it is a responsibility. And it is the way to a more fulfilled life. 

Because at the end…

everything is about what you believe. 

Now you have the choice.

Do you want to be a victim of your lineage wounds? Or do you choose to be your own healer? 

I think the answer is clear. 

As clear as my mission:

Serving  women in their transformational journey, especially through perimenopause and menopause, to reach their highest potential. 

It is my way to serve the feminine.

It is my way to serve myself.

And it is my way to serve you.

If you are feeling called to work with me, this are my offerings to live the feminine way. 

I am looking forward to connect with you more closely. Please, share your experience and feelings with me in Instagram


Be wise, wild & relaxed.

Susana GB




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From Midlife Crisis to Midlife Thriving

From Midlife Crisis to Midlife Thriving

Do you feel like losing track of your inner life compass? 

Do you feel disconnected from your life mission? With no energy or enthusiasm any more? 

Are you questioning your present life and have no clue about he next steps? 

Welcome to…

So many things happen in your body, in your mind and even in the stars, by the 40s and 50s that is difficult to cope with everything by yourself and without an instruction manual.

The first thing I want to tell you is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE; that confusion and crisis are part of life. This is the way you grow and transform. 

And that is beautiful.

As life is a journey…

Have you ever thought how would it be

to have a map? 

Life is a very individual experience but there are some common patterns. For example, we all share some astrological cycles that happen around our 40s and 50s, like the Uranus opposition at the beginning of the 40s or the Chiron return between the age of 46 and 52. I can tell you from experience that understanding how the energy of the stars challenges us and, at the same time, supports our growth can make a huge difference. 

Then there is the importance of mindset. This is huge. A lot of people become a victim of circumstances. I can feel you if you are there. 

Especially as you grow older, it is easy to feel a victim of the changes happening in your body and mind. However that becomes a path of suffering and disempowerment.

There is another option: becoming the heroin of your own story. It requires more energy at the beginning, to counteract inertia, but it takes you through a more powerful path in which you are the creator of your own story. A path in which you use the challenges to grow and transform into a new version of yourself. A better version of yourself.

I started this blog talking about some important transits like Uranus opposition or Chiron return. They mark key points for your evolution. And they do it by bringing mess and chaos into your life so you can leave behind your old self and transform into a new self.

Menopause and perimenopause show up like chaos in your body-mind. 

And, again, YOU choose wether you want to see the hormonal changes, the celestial transits, as something negative or as an exciting journey. 

You have a choice. 

The following exercise is inspired in one of my favourite quotes this year. I learnt if from my coach in a session. 


Looking forward to hear from you in Instagram.

Please, send me you comments and feelings. 


Be wise, wild & relaxed.

Susana GB




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The #1 desire for most women after 40.

The #1 desire for most women after 40.

One of the effects of menopause and perimenopause and the stress that can place on your nervous and hormonal system is the lack of energy. 

Many of the symptoms that women report during perimenopause and menopause are somehow related to fatigue and tiredness. From being tired most of the time for no reason to having a foggy mind not able to concentrate or the lack of creative energy and libido, there is always the underlying reality of a loss of vitality.

Experiencing fatigue from time to time comes with the fact of being in a human body. This is part of life and you recover with rest. However, chronic fatigue does not disappear with rest and sleep. There is a constant drain of energy that impacts you physically, emotionally and psychologically. Many women experience this through perimenopause and menopause. 

That is the reason why

the #1 desire for most women in this phase of life is…


This are some of the reasons why vitality decreases during menopause and perimenopause:

  • Your metabolism slows down and so the energy production.
  • Your body is adapting to too many changes and needs the energy for that adaptation. 
  • Lack of rest and sleep due to hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia. 
  • Increase of cortisol and stress levels can keep your body in a higher energy consumption mode for no reason.
  • Decrease of testosterone brings about fatigue and low motivation.

Eastern traditions teach us that we are more than just a body. We are consciousness. And consciousness is pure energy. 

So how could we be depleted of energy if we are just energy? 

It does not make sense, right? 

From an energy body point of view, the problem is not so much energy depletion but energy channels getting obstructed to the free energy flow. 

These traditions, like Yoga and Taoism, have studied for millennia the energy body and created a wide array of practices to connect with the eternal fountain of energy existing inside every human being. 

In my course for women, Alchemy,  there is a great focus in energy practices to create a strong foundation for our body-mind. These practice flood your body mind with soma (a Sanskrit word for “nectar”). This soma supports us as a physical level but also at a mental and emotional level. 

From a more Western Science perspective, what they do is to regulate our hormonal system, so we get flooded by all the “good chemicals”, the hormones and neurotransmitters that we were talking about in the previous blog.


I want to share with your a practice that can change how you move through your day. 

Let´s do a very simple form of it.  

The goal is to activate an energetic orbit that already exist in your body, with the power of the inhalation and the exhalation. 

I get all kind of positive feedback from women practicing the micro-cosmic orbit, from an increase of energy or mood uplifting to helping with intense headaches or activating your sexual energy. 

The microcosmic orbit 

You can do this exercise standing or in a seated position, If you are standing separate the feet wider than the hips. 

Keep the eyes closed or open.

Root into the Earth with the exhalation and lengthen the spine with the inhalation. 

Softly activate the pelvic floor and keep this action throughout the practice. 

Visualize a ball of energy in the pelvic floor. 

  • INHALE and visualise the ball of light moving up through the back of the spine all the way to the crown of the head
  • EXHALE visualising the energy ball descending through the front of the body back to the pelvic floor. 

Keep on closing the energy circuit with the pulsation of the inhalation and the exhalation. 

You can do this for around 3 minutes every morning or whenever you need to boost your energy levels. 

Thanks for reading me. 

Check the links below if you feel like working with me. 

I am looking forward to your feedback and comments. Drop me a line in my  Instagram 


Be wise, wild and relaxed.  

Susana GB




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The Rushing Woman… and Menopause

The Rushing Woman… and Menopause

The first time I heard the concept of the “rushing woman syndrome” I was at the border of burnout.

As I listened to those words, something clicked inside. An instant recognition of myself in them. But, wait… how could I be a rushing woman? I was a yoga teacher with more than  20 years of experience, fully dedicated to my practice and, by all standards, I was living a super healthy life. 

The rushing woman syndrome is a term created by Dr. Libby Weaver. She describes the rushing woman as living with an intense pressure to do it all, to serve everybody. Time is never enough. A rushing woman feels wired and, at the same time, tired. That is exactly how I was feeling. Tired and wired. 

So you might be asking: What happened? How did I get to that point?

The answer is menopause.

Sadly, nowadays, lot of women could relate to this state at some level. Not only women in menopause. You can be a rushing woman in your 20´s and your 30´s. But the hormonal changes that happen during menopause, and their effects in the nervous system, accentuate this syndrome. 

This state of living has very negative impact for our health: imbalanced hormones, depleted adrenal glands that never stop to produce stress hormones, thyroid problems, weight gain, loss of libido,…


´Which are the causes for this pattern of wired tired women? 

Let´s analyse some significant factors. 

  1. PatriarchyFor centuries (or even millennia) the world has been organised and designed by men and for men. Before 20th century, few women had access to professional live. Paradoxically this had some pros, as  the women inner environments were more supportive of  the cyclical ways of the feminine. The privilege of accessing more opportunities came with a price: the need to adapt to a men world that does not respect the cyclic and more sensitive nature of women. And with the added load, in many cases, of keep doing the traditionally understood as feminine task.

  2. Need to prove ourselves. In a masculine world, there is a constant need to prove our worth. We are taught that to be successful women we have to work hard. Harder than men. That success comes with effort and suffering. And the inner critic gets into play: ·I am not enough”, “I need to do more”, “ I need to do better”. Our bodies and minds cannot sustain this external and internal demand. 

  3. Menopause. Depending on their energy and vitality, some women can keep up with this state of living. As sexual hormones start, with the beginning of perimenopause, the body compensates with more cortisol (one stress hormone). And you start living in the cortisol rush, that keeps your body in constant alert, like if you were in danger. Sleepless nights are followed but exhausting days… Wired and tired. Simultaneously. 

  4. Fear of rejectionDr Libby Weaver affirms that the rushing woman syndrome, at an emotional level, comes from a deep fear to feel rejected. This fear of rejection increases with age, in a society that over-values youth. (We will as well see how deep inside this is no other than the projection of our own rejection to ageing and the changes we experience in our bodies) 

If you feel identified with what you are reading, let me tell you that reversing this state is posible. You can live at any age in a relaxed body full of vitality.  

I want to share with you some ideas to take the first steps and a micro-practice that you can do anytime anywhere.

They are simple but really effective if you put them into practice. 


1. Mindset.

What if I tell you that you do not have to prove anything? 

You are enough as you are. 

Take a deep breath and sit with that for a moment. 


As strange this sounds to you in this moment, allow your body and consciousness to be flooded with the energy of these words. 

2. Stop trying to be “Super Woman”.

There is no need for that and you will create a depleted version of yourself, less effective and attractive.

Instead create more space in your life for self-care.

You are much more effective from a calm state than from a state of stress. 


3. Living the feminine. 

One of my mottos. 

Men and women are different. Equally beautiful and powerful. Both holding feminine and masculine energy. But different.

It is time to reclaim new ways of being and doing that are more inclusive of women needs. The best  way is to start from ourselves, in our daily life. 

The path of the feminine is not pushing but allowing; it is not effort but softness. This might sound really weird in a society that prizes effort. But believe me, a world in which your desires come to you because you allow them is as real  as the masculine world we live in in which things are achieve by over-efforting. 

4. Breath.

The following breathing technique can change the state of your nervous systme in a few minutes. Enjoy it!  



Please, share with me your comments and sensations in Instagram @susanarasalila

Be wise, wild… and relaxed. 

Susana GB


Mercury retrograde. RE-evaluating.

Mercury retrograde. RE-evaluating.

On September 27th, Mercury entered retrograde.

Mercury rules our mental activity and this cause that, until October 18th when it will enter direct again, our mind turns 180 degrees to look inside.  As a consequence, we can feel the external world slowing down or.. that we slow down regarding the movement of the external world. Typically, it is considered a time of difficult communications, in which the advice is not closing deals, signing contracts or planning big trips. It is not surprising that the most important social media platforms collapsed during the algid moment of its retrogradation in Libra, the sign of personal relationships. 

In Esoteric Astrology, it is considered that Mercury retrograde has a more subtle and profound effect. The inner world is enriched by the effect of our gaze, of our awareness. Inside we find sensations, emotions, ideas, projects… that some time inhabited the most superficial areas of our mind but, for any reasons, they were not expressed.  They are like unattended children desperate for a caress. 

To this Mercury “backwards” journey  and to the presence of several planets in Libra, have joined in full synchrony, a challenge initiated in our essential oil community @esenciasdelatierra.yl by my friend @ireneantonymas with a very special and potent mixed of oils called RELEASE and the  Navaratri sadahana, the 9 nights of Goddess Durga, that started yesterday.

So, my journal is overwhelmed these days with all the revelations or forgotten emotions and cornered sensations that fight for seeing the light . Spontaneous awakenings during the day. Intense dreams during the night. Piecing things together. A feeling of finally leaving some repetitive themes behind.  

Another effect of Mercury retrograde is getting back projects left half way through,  ideas and intentions that were forgotten in the business of the inmediate. 


What was in your “New Year resolution” and got lost in the way?  


Where did you imagine yourself at this moment in life and where are you? 


Which is the missing piece of the puzzle to create the life you desire? 

This is a great moment to decide to get deeper into yourself. 

 Inside the apparent confusion and chaos of Mercury retrograde, a Universe of possibilities exist to  






And that is my mission.

To help you through my offerings

Both if you want to grow in a community or if you prefer to do a more individual process.


I am delighted in serving you.




 One of my main intentions for this course is for you to get the necessary knowledge to grow in your sadhana. At all levels: physically, emotionally, spiritually

Another intention is to guide you to become a great yoga teacher, if that is your desire.   

Registration is open



Astrology is an amazing tool to know yourself, to accept yourself. 

I offer different types of sessions that will help you to know yourself better and to connect with your purpose. 

What makes these sessions something very special and effective is that we work accordingly to your personality, taking into account your individual and unique characteristics. 

2021 – Elevate your vision

2021 – Elevate your vision

2020 has gifted us with time to think, to feel, to contemplate.


Which are my true desires?

Which are the things I can live without?  

Which aspects from my pre-2020 life are not sustainable? 

What do I want to do with this life, ephemeral, uncertain? 


Human embodiment is a precious treasure, an extraordinary gift from the Maha Shakti.  The body-mind is an incredible vehicle for the experience of different levels and stages of consciousness. 

When we live in misalignment, there is a fragmentation between our experience and our essence. Our desires spring forth from  darkness and our vision is limited. And so it is the reality of our life. 

It is our responsibility to refine the instrument of the body-mind

Sages and masters from all times, invite us to dive into the heart and taste the hidden currents of Shakti. What is know in the esoteric hinfu traditions as rahasya (the secret).  

There it is the power of sadhana that allows us: 


To release limitations that endarken our experience 

R  E  C  A  L  I  B  R  A  T E 

Attune with higher and higher frequencies 


From there desires and vision get refined, aligning with the divine energy of will, of desire

I C C H A   S H A K T I


My theme and my wish for 2021



For your own realization

For your own happiness

For the evolution of humanity

In this planetary moment of deep transformation, collective vision is the sum of individual visions 

Accept your responsibility 




I leave you with a powerful, beautiful, inspiring teaching from the Upanishads 

“You are your deepest desire.

As you desire is, so it is your will.

As your will is, so it is your action.

As you action is, so it is your destiny”



¡ Feliz 2021 !


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