13 Moons – 13 Mudras is my first course on-line. It is inspired by yoga, by Astrology, by archetypes, by the natural cycles.  

Once per month, at the beginning of each lunar cycle, you will get:  


  • the available energy for the moon cycle 
  • a sankalpa – a collective intention to work with during the cycle that you can personalize 
  • a mudra to activate the energy  
  • contemplations for your personal growth 
  • an on-line session to initiate each cycle and share in community  






Photo by C. Figueroa


This is a course both for men and women.  

It is an oportunity to sync with the natural rhythms, to know yourself better,

to transform yourself and to experience life with more awareness through very simple practices 

 and to get together on-line once per month 

 it starts on October 28th 

… and only this year it has a price of  108€ 

Registration is open



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