Healing the feminine

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I am a woman, daughter of the Moon. I pulsate with the tides, I dance in the flow of the emotions.

I do not consider myself a feminist, but I fully celebrate the feminine. In fact, I am deeply committed to the awakening of the feminine: from the most inner place, with my compromise to heal the feminine energies in my being and in my linage, and through the esoteric practices of Tantra Philosophy, that celebrate the archetypal energies of the Goddess, all the way to the women circles that I facilitate every New Moon.

I also celebrate the masculine.

The feminine and the masculine exist as a polarity of the essence of love that is the Universe, They cannot exist without each other. They are like darkness and light; like sound and silence; like the Moon and the Sun. In the Eastern traditions this is represented in the yin/yang symbol that shows how each of them is contained in the other.

Todays strike in the International Women´s Day, brings out opposite feelings in my heart. On one hand I am really touched by seeing how, something I have been living in reduced communities for a long time, jumps to the front news and reach to so many women. On the other hand, it scares me the possibility that this process, that we live from our entrails, can be used and adulterated by the political parties.  Our path should not replicate the ways that man have follow up to now. We are different. Our power resides in finding new paths: the ways of the feminine. So our changes can bring about a true revolution. The path of the feminine is, above all, an inner path. I am sure that without inner work nothing can change. Little can change with a strike and a demonstration until you and me, and every of the women that want to participate in this adventure of change, start with deep commitment and lots, lots of love, to do the inner work of healing our feminine side… And also our masculine side.

I would not like to remain in the surface of the issue. When we talk about patriarchy is easy to translate the guilt and the shame outside of us. To men? But if we want true empowerment of women, of human beings, it is time to stop complaining, to stop begin victims and take responsibility for all the ways in which, consciously or unconsciously, we contribute to the reality we criticise so hard. I think we should also celebrate International Men´s Day, to contemplate and question the challenges of the 21st century men. And International Men and Women´s Day, to see the ways in that we can grow together. 

If you want to deepen into the complexity of this issue, I offer some contemplations. Please be extremely honest and I am sure you will be surprised.

How do you support patriarchy? 

In which ways do you contribute to see yourself or other women as objects?  

With other women, do you work in collaboration or do you move in the arena of competition? 

Do you observe and listen to the stories of other women without judgement or do you criticise the women around you? 

Can you track some masculine behaviours in yourself? Sexist behaviours?

If you have children, are you perpetuating the existing patterns that you do not like? How can you guide them to be men and women that live in harmony, celebrating their similarities and their differences? 

Do you take time to take care of yourself, both externally and internally? Do you take time to connect with the source? To be in nature? Do you take time to explore personal and ancestral patterns of the shadow, both feminine and masculine?

It is time to get empowered. We agree. And women and the feminine thrive in horizontal collaboration. We cannot do this alone. We are going to do it in community. But that is not enough if you do not dedicate time to heal all the ancestral negative patterns inside of you; or if you get stuck in resentment toward men and towards the past.

In this day I ask for blessings for all women that consciously dive inside the world of the shadow to heal; for the ones that work to create a place of inner harmony between the feminine and the masculine; the ones that celebrate the spring of the feminine in a new way, the conscious women, the healer, the one that is connected with the essence and listens to the song of Mother Earth. Women that celebrate as well the spring of the masculine of the new age.

And I also ask for blessings for all men that are rising over the old patterns of patriarchy. Men that embody the archetypes of the warrior that moves from the heart and is strong, independent and protector of the feminine and the Earth; the archetype of the king that is sovereign of himself and holds the energy and the space for the women to perform their dance.

It is my wish that all women and men take off in this journey of transformation in a conscious way. This is the true revolution that will change our societies, And it is here!

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