2017 Transmutation

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I love the practice of creating a theme at the beginning of the year. It provides me with focus and meaning in every step I take; it offers me direction when I get dispersed in the messiness of life; it give me direction when I lose my North. This year the theme springs forth from the bottom of my being, from the rawness of darkness, from long times of contemplation and as a gift from all the experiences that I have lived, and I am still living, both external and internally. The idea showed up constantly and it was fully confirmed in a reading using the 13 Moon Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury, that also revealed to me a symbol, that among many things is a symbol of beauty. But today I want to focus on the concept of




Change in form, nature, or substance; to change something completely, especially into something different and better.


  • The action of changing or the state of being changed into another form; metamorphosis
    • 1Physics The changing of one element into another, either naturally or nuclear reaction
    • 2Biology historical The conversion or transformation of one species into another.
    • 3The supposed alchemical process of changing base metals into gold.


We regularly experiment Nature dynamic rythms. Most of spiritual traditions will teach us to accept that the only permanent thing in life is change. We are constantly changing. But the concept of transmutation does not refer to minor changes or the changes we continually perceive, but to radical transformation: the change of a chemical element into another, that needs of the alteration of its essential nucleus; the transformation of lead into gold, the dream of any alchemist; the transformation of a species until it has such characteristic and different features that has become a new one.

Immersed during several months in a transformation cocoon, I feel this process of radical and deep change happening, not in a linear and logical way, but like anarchícally bubbling, becoming a new me in many ways. At the same time, we all live in a world that is undergoing abrupt big changes, huge readjustments happening at a geological level, at a biological level, at an economical, social and political level. We are witnessing the collapse of old structures and empires, a real growth crisis, like if the Earth and humanity´s hormones went crazy in adolescence mood.

As above, so below. As inside so outside. I truly believe that they main transformation in this moment in time is our inner transformation. We feel it in the collective psyche crying out to heal its wounds. People is seeking ancient teachings and practices, get together in sisterhood and brotherhood circles, reclaman the power of the femenina and the Goddess, reclaiming the power of the masculine too. In the same way we see how the old paradigms do not serve in our societies, our obsolete mental patterns do not either. We are in an individual and collective mission. I am not sure if this is the best time to live in this planet, but no doubt these are interesting times to evolve and leave a meaningful print behind.

We are called, as individuals, as a society and as a species, to transmute. What you do for your personal evolution matters and makes a difference

One of my favorite definitions of yoga is as “a technology of transformation”. Yoga offers infinitude of practices that teach us to observe and change stagnant patterns in our bodies, in the breath, and in our minds. It is said that, due to the interconnection between the different bodies or “koshas” of our being, even changes at the DNA level are possible when we allow for radical changes of the inner structures of our self. Without doubt, yoga can be and is an incredible ally in the process of personal and collective transmutation. If, as I do, you feel that we are in need of a radical change, start from the closest. Starts with yourself. Cultivate the values you long to see outside and commit to them.  One of the major discoveries along my 20 years of practice is that, in the process of learning to deal with my personal resistance to change (nobody says this is an easy goal), I feel much more compassion and empathy to the people in the world that is basing their choices in fear and that is looking for protection in the external powers that brings more and more control. And this world for sure needs much more compassion, empathy and love towards those who do not share our same vision.

If you do not like what you see, try to radically change something inside of you or in your way of living. My wishes for a year of growth, transmutation and metamorfosis, so every one of us can become its most powerful and beautiful version of themselves.

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