2021 – Elevate your vision

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2020 has gifted us with time to think, to feel, to contemplate.


Which are my true desires?

Which are the things I can live without?  

Which aspects from my pre-2020 life are not sustainable? 

What do I want to do with this life, ephemeral, uncertain? 


Human embodiment is a precious treasure, an extraordinary gift from the Maha Shakti.  The body-mind is an incredible vehicle for the experience of different levels and stages of consciousness. 

When we live in misalignment, there is a fragmentation between our experience and our essence. Our desires spring forth from  darkness and our vision is limited. And so it is the reality of our life. 

It is our responsibility to refine the instrument of the body-mind

Sages and masters from all times, invite us to dive into the heart and taste the hidden currents of Shakti. What is know in the esoteric hinfu traditions as rahasya (the secret).  

There it is the power of sadhana that allows us: 


To release limitations that endarken our experience 

R  E  C  A  L  I  B  R  A  T E 

Attune with higher and higher frequencies 


From there desires and vision get refined, aligning with the divine energy of will, of desire

I C C H A   S H A K T I


My theme and my wish for 2021



For your own realization

For your own happiness

For the evolution of humanity

In this planetary moment of deep transformation, collective vision is the sum of individual visions 

Accept your responsibility 




I leave you with a powerful, beautiful, inspiring teaching from the Upanishads 

“You are your deepest desire.

As you desire is, so it is your will.

As your will is, so it is your action.

As you action is, so it is your destiny”



¡ Feliz 2021 !


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