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Regular classes at Bhairavi Yoga

This is my schedule. You can find their descriptions below.

Tuesday       18:30 – 20:00 h        HATHA / VINYASA (mixed level)

Thursday     12:00 – 14:00 h        MAHA SADHANA (intermediate/advanced level)  

                      18:30 – 20:00 h        HATHA / VINYASA (mixed level)

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Hatha / Vinyasa

Mixed level

In these clases there are options for all levels, both if you are starting with your yoga practice or if you have been on your mat for a long time. A practice that combines different aspects of yoga and with a blend of alignment and flow, always inspired on Mythology and Yoga Philosophy, for a full participation of body, mind and spirit. 

In these classes I offer my experience in  Anusara Yoga, Rasa yoga and Foundation Training

Tuesday & Thursday  18.30 -20.00 h   BHAIRAVI YOGA (La Latina)

Maha Sadhana

Intermediate /advanced level 

These two hour classes allow us to enter deeper into the practice and to explore the teachings of Yoga Philosophy and Hindu Mythology for inspiration. 

Open to yogis and yoginis of any yoga style with a stable practice and also to beginners that have knowledge of the Universal Principle of Alignment.  Although these classes are more advanced both in asanas and rhythm, there are options for everybody.  

Thursday  12-14 h   BHAIRAVI YOGA (La Latina)

Wednesdays  11.30 -13.30 YOGA DURGA (Villanueva de la Cañada)   3 abril & 22 mayo

Yoga for the Back

Pain is a signal that indicates there is something we need to change in our life and our habits. This class is for you if  you have a back injury or any type of back pain, or if you want to simply strengthen your back (for example for protection practicing any sports) .Susana uses a combination of therapeutic yoga  based on the  Anusara Yoga Universal Principles of AlignmentTM  and the very new technique of Foundation Training, together with breathing and relaxation techniques, to help to alleviate back pain, to learn how to use your yoga practice as an ally for your injuries and to find more vitality and healing energy inside of you.   (Also recommended for people with any limitation or another type of injury that wants to learn how to practice yoga with more awareness)  

Private classes and therapeutic yoga 

Private classes are a space to work with more precision the specific needs of each yoga practitioner.  The Universal Principles of Alignment™ are very useful as they help us to get closer to the optimal blueprint.  When this happens, there is an optimal flow of all the body fluids and also the prana, vital force. Both if you have therapeutic needs or if you want me to guide you to create a specific practice for you or if you want to up level your practice, private classes can be a great tool.  

Susana is also the only Foundation Training teacher in Spain, a very new technique to find the maximum performance for your posture and alleviate different body issues, specially back pain. Classes in Spanish or English. If you are interested contact me in the form at the end of this page.

Introduction to Anusara Yoga

You can get initiated in the practice of yoga in this 8-hour course  (four 2-hours classes)  designed for you to understand the foundations of yoga, why good alimente is so important, how the yoga tradition influences our practice nowadays and how to integrate yoga fully into your life as a tool for your well-being and your personal growth. 

We will practice level 1 asanas (yoga postures) cultivating from the beginning a profound body connection and understanding, as well as other yoga practices:  pranayama (breathing), mudra (power gestures with the hands), mantra and meditation.

More detailed information  HERE
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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, or “conscious sleep”, is a practice that gets born from the idea of Swami Satyananda Saraswati to make accesible to everybody the benefits of certain Tantric practices, that usually required a deep previous learning. In his trips to the West during the 70s, he observed the lack of resources for most people to live a life of connection, relaxation and happiness and he decided to create a simple practice, accessible to anyone, even to people with no experience with yoga or meditation.  

Yoga Nidra is a physically passive practice in which you cultivate witness consciousness. Yoga Nidra is not a simple relaxation practice, but a process of self-knowledge through which we access to subconscious information to be able to change negative patterns in our psyche. 

Yoga Nidra is, both a healing  and a personal growth practice, that helps us to move through life difficulties and to connect to our full potential as human beings, increasing our creativity, focus, mental clarity, intuition and wisdom. Its innumerable benefits reach all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

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