Follow your Bliss (II)

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A long time since I shared my inner world here… I left it on chapter 1 of “Follow my Bliss”. Yes. Last year I learnt a lot through pain and how to find serenity and even happiness in the most difficult moments. For this one, I set up the intention of connecting every day with ananda, the essence of bliss that is the throb of the Universe, that is my heartbeat. It might sound a bit presumptuous, but the same way that most yogic texts start with the highest teaching, why not aiming to one of the highest intentions of yoga practice and of life itself? To bring the fullest happiness to my life. To enjoy the pleasure of being alive, my body sensations, the places that my mind takes me to, the emotions that arise from my heart. To experience happiness, delight, pleasure. And I am not talking about ephemeral happiness or momentary pleasure. I am talking about happiness that feels like peace, like fullness, like a huge inner smile; about pleasure that fills your soul and transform you forever.

I meant to write about it and I must apologize (maybe not) for getting lost among traveling, experiences, encounters that kept me away from my computer and more in contact with myself. Wow! The power of intention is beyond question. Days after writing that last blog, I started feeling how inner walls were knocked down, old patterns started to  crack, preconceived  ideas started to dissolve and my life started to change, both inside and outside.

Now I can write, not only from the intention but also from its experience. I have learnt that I have to listen, feel, refine my senses to experience the nature around, but also to refine the inner listening to connect even more with my intuition. That I have to get rid of the “noise” that does not allow listening the fundamental throb.  That sometimes I have to say farewell to parts of myself because there are part of the noise. That each moment of bliss and delight bring along a choice of surrender, openness and greater vulnerability.


I truly believe that human beings can experience much more pleasure and delight, much more happiness; that happiness is inherent to our nature. But sometimes we have to work with dedication, not to “build happiness” but to let go of everything that does not allow us to experience it. For me, yoga and meditation are key tools to cleanse, to let go, to connect. Also are the Ocean, surfing, love, healthy and nutritious food, inspiring reading….  Which are your tools  for happiness? 

Ananda comes always together with a deep experience of awareness. In sanskrit it is called Cit. It is my practice to try to be more aware and question myself every day if my actions are in service of my desire to experience life as ananda.  So I often ask to myself:

Which aspects of my life, that maybe I even desired and manifested some time ago, are not contributing now to my experience of life as delight? 

Which of them can I change from today? Am I willing to change them? 

Which of them can I change in a long term?  What do I need to do today to start initiating the change? 

Take the reins of your happiness. Do it now. Why do you want to wait? Only the way will already surprise you .


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