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I feel a kind of relief as the Sun leaves the sign of Pisces. I never thought I would say that, since I love water signs, but this last month has been so intense emotionally. I have felt at times as the little mermaid, of my favourite tale, prisoner inside the ocean of my own emotions. 

I know I am not alone. These are powerful times. Both individually and colectivelly we are cleansing eons of karma. I felt touch reading this sharing from the  Mystic Mamma website: 

For me, and I know for many of us, these past few months have not been easy. I have sat with Truth as she held my hand and wiped my tears. So much unraveling, a slow surrender. No longer trying to hold up the ceiling or patch the crumbling walls, the ground literally moving beneath, rearranging my foundation, shifting my allegiance, to the One inside, the queen, the wise one, who is ready to come down into this body. Who is needing me to make a new place for Her, on Earth, inside of me. 

It takes great courage to be vulnerable and true to that Self within. We are who we are, and ultimately we have to be true to our ourselves. 

In the last days I have been feeling and welcoming the new energy coming: the purifying energy of fire, Aries, he warrior, the initiator.

In this powerful junction of today the word is BALANCE.  The equinox, when the light balances the dark. The Full Moon, the independent Aries balancing the community oriented Libra. Libra itself is the the sign of harmony and balance. 

Even more, at the time of the Full Moon, Sun will be at 0 degrees Aries (fire) and the Moon at 0 degrees Libre (Air), just leaving the signs of Pisces (water) and Virgo (Earth).  The four elements at poise for a cosmic instant. 


The new Astrological year starts with Aries as we continue this period of deep transformation, but with a turning point. Mercury in retrograde invites us to look back to our old self, to our old life, so we can express gratitude for the lessons learnt and for the power we adquired. 

…surrender to the new waves of energy

…… surrender to new possibilities

……… dream big

………… open yourself to new strengths

…………… believe in your power

The Sun entering Aries empower YOU. The Moon in Libra makes us look for harmony, to care for THE OTHER, to celebrate the beauty of relationships. 

This Full Moon is a great time to fully forgive as you set the boundaries you need, to be both the warrior and the peacemaker, to be a compassionate leader using your power for the benefit of the others. 

Happy Spring Equinox – Happy Full Moon- Happy Holi  

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