Dissolve, imagine, create! A ritual for 2015

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2014 is saying farewell.  One of the most intense years of my life. December 31st is day of change of cycle and I would like to share with you a ritual of closing and renewal, inspired (among many other sources) by Solstice rituals, my own Goddess and mantra practices and my teacher Sally Kempton (to whom I literally copy for some parts of the ritual).  You will need two papers (or your journal), something to write, a candle and a bit of your time on the last day of the year. Do it alone or in good company.You can add to the ritual the power of the Goddesses mantras that I offer or you can skip that part and just go for the simple ritual.

Closing and renewal ritual 

  • Light a candle as a symbol of the light to guide you.
  • Write in a paper a list of the most important events in the year: describe the challenges you faced, the important accomplishments, the moments you regret,… Read your list (for yourslef or in loud voice). Offer it to the Universe, to the Goddess, to the Divine,… EVERYTHING!  The positive and the negative. What made you smile and what made you cry. You can use these words or your own: “I offer these thoughts and actions to Grace. May all that is of benefit come to fruition. May all mistakes be dissolved. In the year to come, may my life be of benefit,may I know my own freedom. May I be loving. May I be loved” When you have made your offering burn the paper or tear it into tiny pieces and bury it. You are offering the karmas and actions of 2014. Dissolving them, you are free to start the next year.

Offer a mantra to Goddess Kali. Her liberating energy helps dissolving obstacles and  limitations, opening the path for the new. A powerful mantra, that carries at the same time the energy of dissolution and manifestation, and you can repeat 9 times (or 108!) is  OM AIM HRIM KLIM CHAMUNDAYE VICHE SVAHA

  • In a new paper, make a list of intentios for the year 2015. We are creating what in sanskrit is called  SANKALPA (a mental construction that is already manifesting in the future). Rather than making resolutions  (difficult to follow!), make a list of the things you would like to give birht to your life.  Contemplate which are the things you really enjoy. What is that delights you? Don´t put limits to your dreams, to your wishes, to your vision. In  Ghandi´s words, “Be the change you want to see in the World” Write your intentions in present time, as if they are already happening. You can create intentions in different planes: material, emotional, energetic, spiritual,… Be as precises and clear as you want, but it is very important that they are expressed in posiitive form and in present time. (for example,  “In 2015 I don´t want to be ill” will not be an efficient way of expressing your intention. To attract what you desire you should say something like “In 2015 my body is strong and healthy, and I have enough energy to fulfill my dharma, for myself and others”. 

You can also create a general intention. Mine, that I will share in more depth at the beginning of the year is inspired in a Joseph Campbell´s quote “Follow your bliss” 

  • Contemplate how your intentions for the New Year are good for you and for others, for your community, for your family, for the world.  May they be filled with your wishes of growth, of wisdom, of love.

Invoke Saraswati, the energy of wisdom, intuition, speech and knowledge to illuminate your intention and the way to its manifestation, repeating 9 times the mantra  OM AIM SARASWATIAYE NAMAH

  • Now imagine that your intentions have materialized. How do you feel? Close your eyes and allow that your heart and your body soak in those sensations.
It is Goddess Laksmi the one that carries the energy of full manifestation. Repite 11 times one of her mantras as  OM SRIM HRIM
  • Read this blessing, from my teacher Sally Kempton, or use your own words of inspiration.

“May I let go of the struggle. May I be able to do the work that I need to do in my way. May inspiration fill me. May my most intimate relationships serve to the expansion of my heart. May  my life be of benefit for all around me. May love be may pole star. May the Goddess bless me at every step! “

Happy Year 2015 !


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