The future is here

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This Solstice keeps up with 2020: special, intense, different

On December 21st,  the darkest day of the year, it will take place one of the most important astrological events of the year: the Great Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter.  

What makes this event so relevant is not only the conjunction of these two giant planets but the fact that they do at 0 degrees in the sign of Aquarius.  

It is not surprising that the date for the vaccine approval regulation in Europe, set before for December 29th, has been moved to the 21st.  Either we are in favor of vaccines or or not, the fact is that they represent a social inflection point into the post-pandemic future.  

So, why is this astrological event so relevant?

Lets go one step at a time 

If Saturn and Jupiter were your friends, Saturn would be the resourceful one. That person that goes the extra mile to do anything needed. With stable and conventional life, his success is the result of hard work. Demanding and maybe excessively arrogant, he is usually not the soul of the party.  

On the other hand, Jupiter is the friend you have fun with, optimistic and in high spirits. Spite of his lighter attitude towards life his improbable plans magically turn into manifestation. He inhales abundance and exhales joy. Júpiter also represents the teacher, the guru, the container of wisdom.   

On Solstice day, when a cycle of light closes to start a new one, they will be standing together in the sky in the sign of Aquarius.  

Aquarius is the sign of innovation, of alternative thinking, of revolutionary change, of cutting edge ideas. It is the sign of the future. A future that has never been more uncertain but that shows up with fresh and youthful energy.

Aquarius is as well the sign of society, of groups of people with similar vision; the sign of community. With the current plutonian transformations, Aquarius  invitation is to the power of the collective, to the establishment of systems in agreement with our evolution as human beings, of where “the different” have its place.  

Aquarius is the sign of electromagnetic waves, the Internet and social networks. Their  relevance is obvious in 2020 is obvious. We are worldly connected at a click. New ways of communication, with lights and shadows, nd with undeniable power. Aquarius  invites us to embrace them for the benefit of humanity.  



Saturn and Jupiter get here after a long journey through the sing of Capricorn. They have been closely accompanied by Pluto (Shiva, Kali of deep transformation and dissolution).  Saturn has moved through his own sign, questioning world structures, but also our inner mind structures. Intense. All together have razed the world as we knew it and shaken the foundations of our individual lives. 

Pluto stays behind dissolving what still has to go, as hard as it feels. 

Jupiter and Saturn start their mission in Aquarius holding hands. Complementary opposites. Saturn gets down to work. There is a future to create, new structures to consolidate. Step by step. Jupiter adds optimism, a high vision, joy and abundance. 

Future is already here 


And the Universe offers to us the gift of wisdom and expansion, with a great dose of tenacity and realism.




This Solstice 


Create an innovative vision for your life 

Make the collective part of it 


Envision the humanity you desire 


Happy Winter Solstice – Happy Yule

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