Fall Equinox 2020: ¿balance?

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This year, the ending of summer makes me sad.  

In some way I like fall. It is the season I was born in. But I like summer a lot more.  

What is clear is that I like fall in some places more than others. 

It is my favourite season in Morocco. When beaches become a gift only for locals, after summer hustle, first swells arrive and with them the surfers,

It was my favourite season when I used to live in American Midwest. Finally, the suffocating humid heat os summer appeased, and the countless trees  were dyed in surreal colours. Psychedelic yellows, oranges and reds made me feel part of a magic dream. 

It is hard for me in my hometown. Cold arrives early there.

This year is particularly hard, because is showing up loaded with the wounds and uncertainty of spring. 

Ok, enough nostalgia

Lets celebrate today this special moment of balance.  

B a l a n c e  


 Always searched for. Always desired.

We talk of physical balance, mental balance, emotional balance, balance between this and that. We talk about it as if it was a goal, a place to arrive to and in which to stay.  

Nature, on one hand, shows us the ephemeral of that place of  pure equality between opposites. Two days in a full year. Equinox. 

On the other hand, it shows us the importance of certain balance for life. You just have to look at your body. The human body utilises great part of its energy to regulated values of parameters such as temperature,  pH, chemical compounds blood concentration. The body is unceasingly trying to maintain itself in a state that in Biology is called homeostasis. A state of variable equilibrium, on which its existence totally depends,  



Balance is always Dinamic.

The Universe works as a increasingly push and pull.  

Sometimes sweet and fun; sometimes, challenging and intens

And some days, like today allows us to taste the place in which opposites become equal in intensity.

And that we will have to let it go. As the trees start to dye, and then release, their leaves, to gift us with the most beautiful images of the season.

 And we will keep on feeling the trembling, the doubting,  the vibration…





C o n t e m p l a t i o n s

What does it give you the feeling of balance in this 2020 tight rope?   

Which “rituals” can you integrate in your life to bring “homeostasis”?


Happy Fall Equinox  – Happy Mabon

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Vive relajada. Sé sabia y salvaje 


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