From darkness into light

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I love this day of the year: Winter Solstice. The day with the greatest promise of light. This year has come for me with lots of shadows and I feel even more connected with this celebration. My practice has been, and it is, to connect with that promise, that is the promise of yoga. Ans not only that, but to learn to celebrate the shadow as well, in the same way that we celebrate today the longest night of the year.

Over the last months, I have felt the great pulsation of light and shadow; of resistance and surrender; of hating and savouring the process; of feeling lost and of being in love with life mysteries. I have lived moments in which the pulsation turns into giant waves that pull you down to the bottom and you feel you could drawn. My neighbour in Morocco, a surf trainer, gave me one an advice that proved very useful in the ocean: “When you are pulled under by the waves, count the seconds. You will realise that the time is not so long as you feel” Sometimes I have found myself mentally counting, and not precisely under the water…

The journey to the underworld, as in Inanna´s myth, is real. As they are all the fears, the sensations, the pain and all the parts of your being that get revealed.  Josep Soler, in his book  “The journey of the soul”  says that  “after the fear there is nothing”.  I have felt that there is a moment when you have spent so long with your fears, with your shadow aspects that they become so familiar than your perception and judgement about them change. And you start accepting them as parts of yourself.

And with that acceptance it comes the gift that is hidden in each process, inside each challenge. Some are obvious, like the gift of time. Some are still to be revealed.

My gratitude for all of them. Thank you for the flash of insight inside a book. Thank you for all the different forms of help and support. Thank you for the raw open heart enlightening conversations with the most special friends. Thank you of the wisdom of dear teachers that show up when you need them the most. Thank you for sisterhood. Thank you for the spark of life as the energy that spring forth when everything seems exhausted.

My commitment, this Winter Solstice, is to honor the darkness and transmute it into new life, with every breath, with every step, and to celebrate the light 

I invite you to dedicate a time today to honor this portal in time, this cardinal point of the year that is Winter Solstice, honouring your shadows and celebrating your light

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