Full Moon in Sagittarius: establish yourself in yoga and act

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Every Full Moon is a challenge. Two opposite forces pulling us in different directions. Today, there is an additional tension in the sky with Mars/Neptune squaring the conjunction Sun/Venus and the Moon. As if we need something else… a Lunar Eclipse! 

Time to look into our shadow material .

Can you feel it?

I am sure you do. It is intense. 

Venus, the planet of relationships is traveling with the Sun in Geminis, placing the focus on this area of our lives. Being retrograde, it pushes us to look deep inside and question the way we relate to other. At a collective level, it is a profound investigation of how the different pieces of our society hold together, to which are the wounds in the connective tissue of society.  

And here it comes Sagittarius. Showing the naked truth with zero consideration  aquí apart we are bothered with what we find. 

In this moments of protest and activism, a Full Moon in Sagittarius can be gasoline into the fire. The Moon in this sign overflows passion. It can be also full of anger and rage, bringing uncontrollable emotional bursts. There is so mucha pain and rage in the world right now. An accumulated rage, mostly justified. 

 It is crucial that we connect with the highest road of the Sagittarius element of fire. Rage can consumes us in the same way a fire can destroy an entire forest. Rage can also be fuel to ignite action for change. Be aware of dramatic behaviours or exaggeration.

The invitation is to cultivate wisdom and hold a higher vision.

For your life. For humanity. For the Earth.


How can we do that?

As yogis and yoginis, we cultivate our fire. In Sanskrit is called   tapas and it is one of the fruits of sadhana, of practice. We want to cultivase a healthy fire. A fire that brings purification and transformation, but not destruction. A fire that breaks patterns and inertia bringing positive change. 


It is our responsibility choosing which are the changes we want to implement in the world.  

Each thought matters. Each word matters. Each intention matters. Each action matters.  

Lets not make the same mistakes over and over again.  


For the last weeks, we have been studying the Bhagavad Gita in the Immersion groups. One of my  favourite teachings in this sacred text, source of inspiration of generation after generation, is 

“Establish yourself in yoga and, then, act” 

If we want to see powerful, sustainable, conscious change we need to stop reacting. We need to take the time to connect, to move deep through the layers of conditioning and act from a place of love. This is the Sagittarius energy as seeker of the Truth.  


Mars, planet of action, seems to be in an uncomfortable place in Pisces in conjunction with Neptune. It shows the confusion we are immersed in, the sensation of not being able to take the necessary actions. We can take this place of Mars into our advantage, precisely, to increase our capacity to dream big and create new collective visions from Consciousness, with capital letters. 

 These days the path is through meditation, contemplation and focusing in how I can, specially through my daily actions, serve others better, serve the world better. 


This Full Moon …

Offer your limitations and conditioning to the fire of Consciousness in the heart 


Contemplate your highest intention now 


Ignite your individual fire through the power of your sadhana 


Get ready to act from there 



How do your daily actions and your highest vision hold together? 




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