An inflection point: bringing collective shadow into light

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We live times of great responsibility as the human race. You do not need to be very sensitive to feel that. If a movie scriptwriter had designed the stage of a sky in which the planets describe radical change, he could not have done better: a Lunar eclipse in Cancer, Urano  in Taurus squaring the Sun and the powerful and famous conjunction Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn on January 12th. 

Yes, these days bring particular intensity. And everything in the sky talks about big changes, radical transformations. On one hand there is a feeling of vertigo, like at the edge of a roller coaster; on the other hand, it is so exciting to be alive in this moment of history…  

Lets go step by step. 

A Lunar Eclipse happens when the Earth gets in between the Sun and the Moon. The darkness we see is nothing but the projected shadow of the Earth over the surface of the Moon.  In the same way, Lunar eclipses, make personal and collective “shadows” visible. This eclipse allows us to see everything we do not like, in ourselves and also at the level of society and the system,  

Cancer is the sign of emotions, home and the mother. Friday January 10th is a day to be at home, to feel, to self-care, to mother yourself. Also to observe which are the underlying patterns that limit us. We are clearly seeing how our actions hace consuenes over our bit “home” that is the Mother Earth. A lunar eclipse is a good time to let go, to cleanse. Give yourself a week for the energy to settle before taking drastic decisions. 

What do I have to let go?  


Lots have been said about the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that will take place on January 12th. It is importante for several reasons.  It happens about  every 34-36 years and nothing remains the same afterwards. Saturn and Pluto are two heavy weights  and, when together, their energy leaves a trace. They mark times of crisis. Times of  transformation. Times of growth and maturity. Saturn represents structures, the establishment.  Pluto is Kali, is Shiva: the energy that dissolves without doubt everything that does not serve anymore. To add on, the Sun and Mercury join the party.

Saturn in Capricorn also represent success. Pluto is the shadow, the collective subconscious. With this conjunction the shadow of success  comes into light. What we have turn into model of personal success is bringing as a secondary effect, the very familiar experience of stress and anxiety, The success of a whole civilisation and the welfare society has taken us to an unsustainable way of life for the planet. During the past years we have become aware of the things they do not work, that we are paying an excessive price for. The things we do not want. Unsustainable energies. Obsolete institutions. Governs that seem from another century novel. Incapacity to take right and effective decisions.  And still, there is such a great resistance to change: it is not an easy task to stop the inertia of the great system. 

Pluto has arrived to push into important changes that would be unthinkable of a few years ago, especially related to great structures, governs, corporations (Saturn). If we use well the available energy, Pluto will help to dissolve the old, as Saturn, as it enters in the innovative Aquarius in 2021, will impulse the creation of new systems, with the help of optimistic and abundant Jupiter.  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi used to say that we are in the new dawn of humanity, at the end of the Kali Yuga, the age of confusion and lack of dharma, but already feeling the new colours in the sky before seeing the first rays of the Sun. Moments of uncertainty, sure, but also of hope.  

At a personal level, how you live this moment depends on how this planets affect your natal chart, and also on how you have been doing the needed work, external and internally. Saturn in Capricorn demands a double portion of discipline, perseverance, constancy. Pluto is change, transformation, dissolution, brutal honesty to see ourselves in our totality. This is a year of intense work and the new created structures and patterns will  remain in time as a big foundation

Think about the energy of these two planets as a teacher or a father telling you from their wisdom “better not like this” 

Uranus in Taurus. Taurus is the stability of the Earth; Uranus, the revolution, the instability.  Taurus is the known; Uranus, the unknown, what is radically different. We are cleaning the basement… One of the shadows of this aspect is how technology and radiation (Urano) are disturbing our calm and that of Mother Earth. Are we still in time to change this? I don’t know. But for sure Uranus is also inviting us to find innovative, imaginative, revolutionary solutions for the future. Solutions that requiere us to get out of our comfort zone. Uranus in Taurus is also helping to create new forms for the material: new economical systems, new forms of money…

On Friday 10th, Full Moon in Cancer will be opposing the big planetary conjunction in Capricorn, creating a dialogue between our more emotional and human side and the one that is more concerned in manifestation and profits.  

In spite of the tension, the Moon will be happy to be in her favourite sign and to illuminate this process with the love we need so much.


Some tips for an intense January 2020 

  • This Full Moon on Friday, contemplate the balance between your family or personal life and your professional life, the energy that you use in listening to your emotions versus the energy you dedicate to your work and your projects.
  • Make sure to mother yourself this weekend and have a light schedule
  • Listen to your  emotions but do not act impulsively over them 
  • If you have not created your sankalpa (intention) for the year, do it soon. A clear intention will give your time direction and will help you to see which are the “structures” that need to dissolve to create new foundations. 
  • Discipline. You know where you need it, 
  • Neptune, the planet of dreams, consciousness and unconditional love gives release to the intensity of this moment. It is not by chance that humanity turns towards spirituality. Give yourself every day the necessary pleasure fo meditation and contemplation.  


Namaste & my best wishes for 2020  









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