Merry Christmas! … with a little detour…

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These are some of the calmer Christmas I remember. Since I arrived to my parents´home I feel immerse in a beautiful peaceful kind of silence. It is not that everything is silent but I feel a deep quietness inside. The typical Christmas hurries are not here and there is time for everything. Yes, serenity ….

These Christmas are, no doubt, special for me. I feel HAPPY that were are all together one more year. It has been a hard one for my family and there is a great happiness and appreciation for being able to get together to enjoy dinner and the nice company. These feeling of appreciation and gratefulness makes that every moment, every small detail is beautiful: a little shopping, laying the table for dinner or wrapping the gifts with love.

LOVE. That is the wphoto5ord that sounds today in my heart.  At noon I was with my mom in a Monastery in my hometown. In the lonelinees of its ancient stone church, with its very high domes,  with its profound inciense smell,  with its solemn silence (silence again…) I contemplated today´s meaning. In the pagan tradition, we celebrate the solstice, the honoring of the darkness as the pulsation of the light. What a powerful time of inner vision  to revise the places in our lives  where the light is missing and in the darkness of the heart, to plant new seeds for the new cycle. In the Christian tradition, it is the celebration of the embodiment of Love. The Divine becomes man, becomes Earth.  The Tantric tradition says that this is happening constantly: the subtle energies of the Universe, of love, awareness, wisdom, bliss, get embodied, create this world and transform into us and everything around us and all our experiences.

All our experiences. All.  From here a new contemplation, a new appreciation (and maybe you don´t want to keep on reading because I am not sure it is about Christmas any more). The new appreciation of the Castilian lands where I was born, where I grew up, this place that I never fully connected with.

Today I was thinking what is it Divine in here? And suddenly, observing its vast plains, I felt how here God becomes infinite space; Hephoto2 becomes both ice and burning sun; and for sure He becomes the food and the wine.  I might have just been born here to admire its  infinite oceans of golden wheat, its  blue skies of light, either in summer or winter time, the powerful desert-like sunsets, the many ways in which the sense of taste is awakened and delighted.

Sorry for the detour. I was considering to edit everything and send just a simple greeting but this is a powerful making peace with my origins. And everything started with Love and with Christmas….

I lift my glass for the happiness and peace that comes from gratitude and recognition. Merry Christmas, from my heart, and my wishes for a 2014 full of light and strength in which the pulsing energy of love that makes the Universe manifest itself in all the different facets of our lives. Enjoy!!!.


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