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June & September 2020




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ASHY (Anusara School of Hatha Yoga) offers two levels of Teacher Trainings, both registered under Yoga Alliance:

200 hours Teacher Training 

This training is composed of two independent  100 hour-courses. the Immersión and the  Level 1 Teacher Training. It allows you to become an Anusara Elements Teacher (AET) and Anusara-Inspired yoga teacher (with some extra requisites). You can find all the information about this training below.

500 hours Teacher Training 

It consists of the first 200 hours plus a 300 h Advanced Teacher Training.  We are working in the curriculum of this training at the moment. It will be a modular course. Some modules will be mandatory. You will be able to choose among different modules to complete the rest of the credits creating a training specifically designed for you, following your own vision and mission as a yoga teacher.  Information will be posted here very soon.Consiste en las primeras 200 horas más una . This is a new course (in Spain ti will start in Madrid in 2017). It is a modular course. Some of the modules are mandatory to complete the 300 h. Some other modules are optional and you will be able to choose among different options to create your own Teacher Training following your own vision and mission as a yoga teacher. Part of the modules will be open to students outside the Teacher Training. This training will allow you to become Anusara yoga Certified Teacher. (After a certification process that includes a written exam and an evaluation of a video of a full yoga class)

You can download the general Anusara yoga curriculum and the ATT 300 h program HERE


The 200 hour Teacher Training, registered under Yoga Alliance, is structured in two very distinct courses:

  • IMMERSION 108 horas. In this course you will learn and practice the Anusara yoga method. There is no emphasis in teaching yet, so it is open also to students, that although do not plan to be yoga teachers, have the desire of deepening their knowledge and practice of yoga. All the information about the course and its contents in IMMERSION
  • TEACHING TRAINING LEVEL 1 92 horas. Once the foundation of the Anusara yoga method is firm, we will focus on the study and practice of the didactic method: how to teach Anusara yoga. You will receive and practice numerous resources and techniques that will help you to serve your students to the highest of your possibilities. At the end of the course, every student will teach a part of a class and will receive detailed feedback. The intención is to help them to refine their teaching to be more efective, both in the expression of biomechanical instructions and in creating a connection with the heart of the student so every class becomes a safe place for transformation. There will also be some homework and readings

It is a pre-requisite to complete an Immersion before registering to the Anusara Yoga Methodology course.


On top of all the contents explored in the Immersion, in this course you will learn…  

  • What it Means to Take the Seat of the Teacher
  • Preparing to Teach: Creating Sacred Space, Welcoming and Classroom Organization
  • Tantric Philosophy
  • Creating a plan for class: two main ways to create a class
  • The Key principles for general classes of poses
  • The Art of Sequencing
  • Guidelines for Verbal Instructions
  • How to put Attitude into Action: The Art of Theming
  • Teaching the Universal Principles of Alignment™ including the biomechanical/anatomical reasons for them, physical benefits, and emotional/psychological benefits
  • How to Teach a Pose Systematically
  • Teaching a class
  • Observation and Adjustments
  • The Art of Demonstration
  • Anusara Therapeutics

There will be plenty of time dedicated to practice teaching.

Training Evaluation will consist in teaching a part of a class where the student will receive detailed feedback.

Being around other teachers and receiving feedback from colleagues and staff is a key feature of these programs, which empowers you to build your confidence as a teacher and step more fully into your essence as a person.

  • Students with the desire of sharing the teachings of yoga and becoming yoga teachers through a serious and high quality Teacher Training. The 200 hours program consist of two differenciated parts: 108 hours of Anusara yoga Immersion (see IMMERSION) and 92 hours of the second part of the Training
  • Students and teachers that want to become Anusara yoga licensed teachers through the ASHY (Anusara School of Hatha Yoga). For different categories of licensing and full list of requirements visit ASHY Teacher´s Levels below.
  • Yoga teachers from any yoga style that want to apply the beauty and effectiveness of the Universal Principles of Alignment™ in their classes and/or to improve their teaching by getting the numerous resources offered in this training.
  • Anusara Elements teachers or Anusara-InspiredTM yoga teachers that wish to revisit the Training to enhance and refine their teaching skills. (Ask for possible discounts if you are repeating any part of the training)

By completion of the 200 h Teacher Training (Immersion + Teachign Methodology) you will get:

  • Certificate of Teacher Training completion.
  • The possibility to become Anusara Elements Teacher, with a recommendation from the Certified Anusara yoga teacher with whom you did your last Teacher Training.  With this level of licence you can register with Yoga Alliance as RYT-200.

Looking towards the future….

  • The possibility to become an Anusara-InspiredTM yoga teacher after two years of teaching once the 200 hour Teacher Training is completed and the assessment of a class by a Certified Anusara yoga teacher.
  • The first 200 hours towards the Anusara yoga Certification.

ASHY has four levels of teacher licensing.

Anusara Elements™ yoga teacher

The introductory level of teacher, licensed after completing 100 hours of Anusara yoga Immersion, 100 hours of teacher training with an Anusara certified yoga teacher, and a recommendation from a Certified Anusara yoga teacher. The Anusara Elements yoga teacher will present yoga classes entitled “Anusara Elements yoga” or “AET yoga”. These teachers will incorporate the Universal Principles of Alignment™ of Anusara yoga into their classes, along with a basic heart theme.   More details can be found here.

Anusara-Inspired™  yoga teacher 

Anusara-inspired yoga teachers have at least two years of teaching experience after completing their initial 200 hours of teacher training for this level of license. To achieve this title, they must have a recommendation from a Certified Anusara yoga teacher who has reviewed a live or recorded class. Anusara-inspired yoga teachers reflect a higher level of skill that reflects their dedication and professionalism. Their classes may be listed as  “Anusara-Inspired” or “Anusara® yoga”. Anusara-inspired yoga teachers can be found here.

Certified  Anusara® Yoga Teacher

Full certification in Anusara yoga is granted only after a minimum of 500 hours of teacher training and four years of teaching, and all Certified Anusara yoga teachers have passed a comprehensive (30 – 40 hours) exam and a review of their teaching from an experienced mentor. Only teachers that have achieved this level of training and experience may call themselves Anusara yoga teachers, and their classes reflect a highly refined ability to weave the philosophical principles of Anusara yoga with the Universal Principles of Alignment. After apprenticing as an assistant in an Anusara Immersion and teacher training, and with one full year of teaching experience as a fully Certified Anusara Yoga teacher, these teachers may lead Anusara Immersions and 100 hour teacher trainings. Click here to search the Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher directory.

Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher Trainer 

ASHY has begun cultivating a faculty of experienced Certified Anusara yoga teachers that qualify to teach this new level of licensure. These teachers have achieved both Certified Anusara yoga teacher licensing and Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 designations and can lead advanced Anusara yoga teacher trainings.

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