Transform into your-Self

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A new year just started. A special moment to create new intentions. The fundamental intention for every human being is to have happiness, abundance and prosperity in all áreas of life. As yogis we know those are not goals to reach but paths to walk.

One of the question that humans have made to themselves from the beginning of time is how to make this journey on Earth one of happiness instead of one of suffering.  Through my practices and contemplations the sankalpa (intention) for this year rises as an inner answer to these ancestral questions

Transform into your-Self 

Life is a journey of transformación. Yoga is a set of practices for transformation. But in the Tantric tradition, it is not about transform ourselves into something we are not, but about transforming our awareness, about elevating our state of consciousness. It is about cleansing, purifying everything is in the way of the experience the fullness of the Self. Our most inner core. That place where suffering does not exist

The practices: meditation, asana, pranayama,… have a double goal of purification and of dedicating time to experience at least the glimpses of deeper states of Consciouness. For a moment we transform into our Self.

The spiritual path in Tantra is not about disconnecting from what we are as individual being.  Not at all. Life is a process of self-awareness, of self-knowledge. There are innumerable methods and techniques to know yourself better. In my Astrology sessions I constantly observe the power that comes when someone is reaffirmed in how is his/her personality, the empowerment  from listening your gifts and skills, and the relief to clearly see that your challenges and places of contraction are real and are also part of you. Each individual is different. Each chart is different. No paths are the same.

The idea of  svadharma in the Bhagavad is an invitation to find your own path.  Dharma is a common concept in the Eastern traditions and has its origen in the Vedas.  We can translate dharma as mission or purpose. In the Vedic view of the Universe as a dynamic balance of energies and forces, each part contributes to that harmony. Dharma is your particular contribution to that Universal balance. Sva is the reflexive pronoun and in this concept signifies  “one´s own dharma, your particular mission”. Krishna not only says that each person has a life purpose but goes to affirm that “it is better to fall doing your own dharma that succeed in other´s dharma”. Again, the scriptures insist in the important of knowing your own path.

Tantrikas state that the road to Shiva is the Shakti. In the same way, to transform the experience of ourselves in an experience of the Self, we need to get to know ourselves in depth to be able to become more of ourselves. Then, being you more fully, you will live from the depths of your Self.

Sankalpa 2019


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