Full Moon in Aquarius: me & the collective

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 Every day the stars gift us with their wisdom. But there are inflection points in the cycles, as it happens with Full Moons and New Moons. Full Moon is always a conversation between opposites that creates polarity

 Moon in Aquarius, the sign of the collective, the sign of the new futuristic vision, the sign of rebellion and freedom, the sign of humanism.  It is not a coincidence that is in this Moon when hindus celebrate the holiday of  Raksha Bandha. A celebration of fraternal bonds, a celebration of friendship.  

Sun in Leo, the sign of identity, the sign of enjoying life as it is, the sign of the ego, the sense of I. 

In this Full Moon, the energy is polarised between the sense of I and the community. Lots of food for the mind in these times.  Where is the border between my freedom and other´s?  Where are my personal needs and where the needs of the society that I belong to? Can we evolve towards growth as humanity with a virgin individuality or is always necessary a sacrifice of my identity? Is this sacrifice such from a spiritual point of view or is it a blessing? 

No doubt the Full Moon is illuminating the answers to these and many other questions… and not always are the ones we want to hear. Specially with Uranus in Taurus,  in strong tension with the Sun and the Moon. Disruptive energy that is walking with us since long time giving us this familiar feeling already that the ground is moving below our feet, that what we once considered  stable is not any more, and mostly we do not want it to be, and that we are moving inevitably towards something totally new that we are still to know, to create. 

Exciting times… no doubt. 

Specially if we follow the direction signalled by the stars, It is the direction of Scorpio. The direction of the depths, the direction of the shadows.

Do not stay at the surface.

Observe YOURself. Investigate YOURself. Ask YOURself.  

Make all the necessary questions about YOURSELF  (Leo) so the WHOLE (Aquarius) can find the answers that propel us to the next state of evolution.  

Aquarius is the sign of Astrology. If you feel the call to investigate YOURself through your astral chart, one of the most personalised methods that can help you finding what is your role in all this, you have the information  HERE about my Astrological Coaching. 

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