Full Moon in Aquarius – Me & Humankind

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Moon in Aquarius – Sun in Leo  



With every full Moon, the Sun and the Moon, our ego and our emotional body, sit face to face to have a conversation. 

Sun in Leo connects us with our external personality, with how we show ourselves in the world. Are YOU allowing your inner light to shine through? Are  sharing yourself fully, like if you are under the lights on stage? Moon in Aquarius, connects us with the greater community of mankind, with WE. It takes us to a future that requires radical changes and new forms of thought. 

Today, The Sun has brought some friend with him: Venus, our feminine side, what we love, how we love, and Mars, our masculine side, how we get what we want, how we act in the world. Venus is reminding us about sweetness, about harmony, about beauty. About the important to be in relationship with the other. Our light shines even more beautifully when it reflects through the other. And, ultimately, even the king of the jungle needs the other to be adored and admired. 

But no; not any relationship will do.

Uranus makes us to re-evaluate relationships and everything that we take for granted, and brings new ways of relating to the other, new ways of thought that might well shake your “comfortable” world.  Because, let’s be honest, not any relationship supports us in our growth and transformation; not every relationship allow us to shine fully. 

Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, keep an eye on us, reminding us that we are transforming deeply, both at a personal and at a planetary level, and that we need discipline. And it might be the time to have a look into our inheritance from our family subconscious. 

  • How do you feel interactions with your family have shaped your personality?

  • Were you allowed to shine or were your light uncomfortable for your family? 

  • Do you accommodate or do you rebel? 

  • In which ways have you defended your individuality, your unique vision of life? 

  • In which communities do you feel you are allowed to shine? 

  • How do you cultivate and protect your unique light makes a difference in the world around you? 

This Full Moon is asking us to make peace with ourselves, to celebrate, to let our hair free in the wind, look at the world from the mountain of our own heart, saying


Hey, I AM here

Ready to shine

I do this for US, the great family of mankind 

I have a vision. MY vision 

And it includes YOU

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Vive relajada. Sé sabia y salvaje 


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