Mercury retrograde. RE-evaluating.

Mercury retrograde. RE-evaluating.

On September 27th, Mercury entered retrograde.

Mercury rules our mental activity and this cause that, until October 18th when it will enter direct again, our mind turns 180 degrees to look inside.  As a consequence, we can feel the external world slowing down or.. that we slow down regarding the movement of the external world. Typically, it is considered a time of difficult communications, in which the advice is not closing deals, signing contracts or planning big trips. It is not surprising that the most important social media platforms collapsed during the algid moment of its retrogradation in Libra, the sign of personal relationships. 

In Esoteric Astrology, it is considered that Mercury retrograde has a more subtle and profound effect. The inner world is enriched by the effect of our gaze, of our awareness. Inside we find sensations, emotions, ideas, projects… that some time inhabited the most superficial areas of our mind but, for any reasons, they were not expressed.  They are like unattended children desperate for a caress. 

To this Mercury “backwards” journey  and to the presence of several planets in Libra, have joined in full synchrony, a challenge initiated in our essential oil community @esenciasdelatierra.yl by my friend @ireneantonymas with a very special and potent mixed of oils called RELEASE and the  Navaratri sadahana, the 9 nights of Goddess Durga, that started yesterday.

So, my journal is overwhelmed these days with all the revelations or forgotten emotions and cornered sensations that fight for seeing the light . Spontaneous awakenings during the day. Intense dreams during the night. Piecing things together. A feeling of finally leaving some repetitive themes behind.  

Another effect of Mercury retrograde is getting back projects left half way through,  ideas and intentions that were forgotten in the business of the inmediate. 


What was in your “New Year resolution” and got lost in the way?  


Where did you imagine yourself at this moment in life and where are you? 


Which is the missing piece of the puzzle to create the life you desire? 

This is a great moment to decide to get deeper into yourself. 

 Inside the apparent confusion and chaos of Mercury retrograde, a Universe of possibilities exist to  






And that is my mission.

To help you through my offerings

Both if you want to grow in a community or if you prefer to do a more individual process.


I am delighted in serving you.




 One of my main intentions for this course is for you to get the necessary knowledge to grow in your sadhana. At all levels: physically, emotionally, spiritually

Another intention is to guide you to become a great yoga teacher, if that is your desire.   

Registration is open



Astrology is an amazing tool to know yourself, to accept yourself. 

I offer different types of sessions that will help you to know yourself better and to connect with your purpose. 

What makes these sessions something very special and effective is that we work accordingly to your personality, taking into account your individual and unique characteristics. 

KRAMA: from chaos into order

KRAMA: from chaos into order

Contemplating the energy that brings this new lunar cycle in Virgo, there is a word that is reverberating in my mind. 


Krama is a Sanskrit term that gets translated as order. Also as sequence. Something that is done step by step.

In Tantric texts, krama is the power that Consciousness uses to manifest from the apparent chaos into a relative order of the manifested Universe. 

Everything in the Universe happens in a sequence. From the development of a foetus in the uterus, to the blooming of a plant, the succession of day and night, to the protein synthesis inside your cells following, step by step, the instructions encoded in your DNA.

Krama is the process that, step by step, takes us from point A to point B, from the creative impulso to the completion of manifestation.

Every creative process mimics the manifestation oft he Universe described but the Tantrikas.  Think about the creation of a text. At first there is nothingness. Or, we could say, the undifferentiated totality. Suddenly flashes of concepts appear that become ideas and thoughts. These start to get entangled among them with certain coherence creating arguments that become, for example, this blog. 

It is interesting to appreciate how the rest of the infinite information/matter/energy (as you would like to call it) starts to dissolve as insignificant at that moment, in the same way the pieces of granite disappear  as the artist creates an sculpture. 

This is another Virgo trait: discernment that creates order and organisation, that gives priority to certain information over the rest, that decides what it stays and what it goes, that design the most effective sequence. 

Organisation, order, sequence, discernment.

Virgo energy is sometimes thought of as boring or uninteresting but nothing further from the truth. Look, for instance,  the beauty of a fractal.  A clear consequence of order and sequentiality.

It is really easy to take this concepts to the field of yoga through the meaning of sadhana.  

Sadhana is a sucesión and repetition of sequences that you practice day after day.  I am not thinking only in asana sequences but in the sacred sequence in any practice that you receive from a wisdom lineage, that has being designed in the best way possible to bring about a particular result.  

One of my teachers, Paul Muller-Ortega, says that  “Yoga is not about faith. It is all about practice. When you feel the results of the practice nobody needs to convince you of anything. You just know”  

Virgo is the energy of routine and repetition, of the mundane daily acts. Those that can be the most sacred actions.

Yes, I see this sign of the Zodiac, as a sing of the sacred. I will explain it through the meaning of something I love: ritual.

What is a ritual but a set of sequences of mundane actions orchestrated with precision that turn into sacred just for belonging to that particular sequence?  

All this energies and concepts are fundamental in my life and my teaching and there are always present in my courses.

  • 13 Lunas – 13 Mudras is our way to workship the dancing sequence of the Moon through the signs to synch with the available energy in the sky. 
  • The power of order and sequence are the foundation of my clases so they can be transformative and safe
  • In trainings I share techniques and resources to use discernment in the creation and teaching of clases to serve students fully (another important aspect of Virgo)  

In this lunar cycle I invite you to contemplate:  

  • ¿Qué secuencias son importantes en tu vida? 
  • ¿Cómo transformas lo mundano en ritual? 
  • ¿Cuál es el efecto de la repetición? ¿De la sadhana? 









200 h Teacher Training in Marbella” (December 2021 to May 2022) 




Full Moon in Aquarius: the collective heart

Full Moon in Aquarius: the collective heart

The second Full Moon in Aquarius in a month is happening with the Sun in the very last degree of Leo and the Moon holding hands with Jupiter in Aquarius.

The Leo-Aquarius opposition talks to us about how to balance the energy, the intention and love we put in our inner circle with what we offer to society as a whole. 

As I guess it is happening to you, in the last days there is a recurrent thought in my mind about Afghanistan and, specially, women in that country. This Moon is a big reminder that we are part of a something bigger (humankind?) and that what is happening to people in another part of the world affects us more than we even know. 

Leo represents our heart with its passion and warmth. Aquarius connects us with the collective heart.

And that collective heart hurts when we witness full of impotence how the countries of the world and all the organisations, that cost us so many resources, allow how a group of depraved ignorant fundamentalist trample over all human rights at once.

It hurts deeply. 

This axis Leo-Aquarius reminds me that I cannot be fully happy in the safety of my own life while other places of the world are covered by the black darkness of burkas.

We live in the era of the awakening of the feminine in all aspects. This awakening comes with intense shadows. It is really meaningful that at the precise moment of the Full Moon, the Moon and Jupiter will be in the house of the subconscious, the house of the Mother, the House of the lineage. The lineage of humankind. The lineage of womankind. We are all interconnected by invisible threads as trees of the forest by their roots



 Allow yourself to feel the faltering beat of fear and rage of the collective heart. Maybe by feeling and drinking on Jupiter´s passion and abundance this Moon, we would get to take some action.

Lets pray for Afghan women so they can keep the connection with the inner place where freedom cannot be silenced. Lets keep on sending energy and prayers so in some way they can feel they are not left alone. And lets do more

I have been looking for ways of helping and I want to share with you here what I found up to now. 


Instagram accounts with relevant information 










Lets share information.

We need to pressure our governments to do more and  


Afghan women will not lose their voice 





Saturn entrance in Aquarius brings a new vision for all collective.


Cooperation is needed to create new structures and organisations 

that assure respect and dignity for all human beings.


And peace. 


S A L A M   A L E I K U M!


Happy Aquarius Full Moon!



2021 – Elevate your vision

2021 – Elevate your vision

2020 has gifted us with time to think, to feel, to contemplate.


Which are my true desires?

Which are the things I can live without?  

Which aspects from my pre-2020 life are not sustainable? 

What do I want to do with this life, ephemeral, uncertain? 


Human embodiment is a precious treasure, an extraordinary gift from the Maha Shakti.  The body-mind is an incredible vehicle for the experience of different levels and stages of consciousness. 

When we live in misalignment, there is a fragmentation between our experience and our essence. Our desires spring forth from  darkness and our vision is limited. And so it is the reality of our life. 

It is our responsibility to refine the instrument of the body-mind

Sages and masters from all times, invite us to dive into the heart and taste the hidden currents of Shakti. What is know in the esoteric hinfu traditions as rahasya (the secret).  

There it is the power of sadhana that allows us: 


To release limitations that endarken our experience 

R  E  C  A  L  I  B  R  A  T E 

Attune with higher and higher frequencies 


From there desires and vision get refined, aligning with the divine energy of will, of desire

I C C H A   S H A K T I


My theme and my wish for 2021



For your own realization

For your own happiness

For the evolution of humanity

In this planetary moment of deep transformation, collective vision is the sum of individual visions 

Accept your responsibility 




I leave you with a powerful, beautiful, inspiring teaching from the Upanishads 

“You are your deepest desire.

As you desire is, so it is your will.

As your will is, so it is your action.

As you action is, so it is your destiny”



¡ Feliz 2021 !


The future is here

The future is here

This Solstice keeps up with 2020: special, intense, different

On December 21st,  the darkest day of the year, it will take place one of the most important astrological events of the year: the Great Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter.  

What makes this event so relevant is not only the conjunction of these two giant planets but the fact that they do at 0 degrees in the sign of Aquarius.  

It is not surprising that the date for the vaccine approval regulation in Europe, set before for December 29th, has been moved to the 21st.  Either we are in favor of vaccines or or not, the fact is that they represent a social inflection point into the post-pandemic future.  

So, why is this astrological event so relevant?

Lets go one step at a time 

If Saturn and Jupiter were your friends, Saturn would be the resourceful one. That person that goes the extra mile to do anything needed. With stable and conventional life, his success is the result of hard work. Demanding and maybe excessively arrogant, he is usually not the soul of the party.  

On the other hand, Jupiter is the friend you have fun with, optimistic and in high spirits. Spite of his lighter attitude towards life his improbable plans magically turn into manifestation. He inhales abundance and exhales joy. Júpiter also represents the teacher, the guru, the container of wisdom.   

On Solstice day, when a cycle of light closes to start a new one, they will be standing together in the sky in the sign of Aquarius.  

Aquarius is the sign of innovation, of alternative thinking, of revolutionary change, of cutting edge ideas. It is the sign of the future. A future that has never been more uncertain but that shows up with fresh and youthful energy.

Aquarius is as well the sign of society, of groups of people with similar vision; the sign of community. With the current plutonian transformations, Aquarius  invitation is to the power of the collective, to the establishment of systems in agreement with our evolution as human beings, of where “the different” have its place.  

Aquarius is the sign of electromagnetic waves, the Internet and social networks. Their  relevance is obvious in 2020 is obvious. We are worldly connected at a click. New ways of communication, with lights and shadows, nd with undeniable power. Aquarius  invites us to embrace them for the benefit of humanity.  



Saturn and Jupiter get here after a long journey through the sing of Capricorn. They have been closely accompanied by Pluto (Shiva, Kali of deep transformation and dissolution).  Saturn has moved through his own sign, questioning world structures, but also our inner mind structures. Intense. All together have razed the world as we knew it and shaken the foundations of our individual lives. 

Pluto stays behind dissolving what still has to go, as hard as it feels. 

Jupiter and Saturn start their mission in Aquarius holding hands. Complementary opposites. Saturn gets down to work. There is a future to create, new structures to consolidate. Step by step. Jupiter adds optimism, a high vision, joy and abundance. 

Future is already here 


And the Universe offers to us the gift of wisdom and expansion, with a great dose of tenacity and realism.




This Solstice 


Create an innovative vision for your life 

Make the collective part of it 


Envision the humanity you desire 


Happy Winter Solstice – Happy Yule

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