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The Anusara® yoga Inmersion is an invitation to an in-depth experience of this yoga system.

It is a journey to the essence that pulsates in your heart through the study of the life-affirming philosophy underlining the Anusara method, the practice of the Universal Principles of Alignment™, and the power of the kula, the community of like hearted yogis.

The Immersion is an opportunity to penetrate and to expand in your yoga studies on every level (Asana, Philosophy, Pranayama, Meditation) with no pressure placed on teaching or instructions on how to teach. Sharing this experience with like-minded yogis you will built strong connections to create a supportive community of the heart.

The immersion consists of a total of 108 hours and it is divided in three parts or blocks of 36 hours each, Immersion I, II and III. Usually, each block is a 5 day-intensive although sometimes is taught in another format. The Immersion is open to all yoga practitioners that wish to enjoy a deeper experience of Anusara Yoga, whether or not they are interested in following a Teacher Training. Pre-requisite to start an Immersion is to have taken 30 hours of Anusara classes, workshops or retreats. [If you haven’t been able to do so but you want to sign up for an Immersion, plese contact me] Completion of immersions I, II, and III is a pre-requisite for participating in any Anusara Yoga Teacher Training (in fact these 108 hours are the first part of that Training)
  • Anyone interested in experiencing, practicing and understanding Anusara Yoga.
  • Committed yoga students and practitioners that want to dive deeper into the knowledge and practice of the milenar yoga tradition.
  • Yoga students that wish to understand the context of the hatha yoga practice, through the study of the scriptures and especially the exploration of the pinnacle of Hindu thought, the Tantric Philosophy of Kashmere Shaivism and  the Sri Vidya tradition.
  • Yoga teachers that have the desire to learn a new yoga style, based on tradition but using the most sophisticated alignment principles.
  • Serious yoga students that want to take a high quality Teacher Training. The Immersion is the first part of the Anusara Yoga 200 h- Teacher Training.
  • Those with the desire to teach Anusara Yoga: The Immersion is the first step for those wishing to embark on the path of Anusara-Inspired™  yoga teacher or Certified  Anusara® Yoga Teacher.

The 108 Immersion hours constitute half of the credit hours for the 200h Anusara yoga TT homologated by the American Yoga Alliance. However, in the Immersion there is no emphasis in how to teach, but only in drinking fully from the empowering knowledge of the fundamental teachings of Anusara Yoga. (For more information on the Teacher Training please go to TEACHER TRAINING; for more information on the requirements for Anusara-Inspired™  yoga teacher or Certified  Anusara® Yoga Teacher, please go to ANUSARA CURRICULUM and ASHY´s TEACHERS LEVELS under ANUSARA YOGA or visit

Las 108 horas de la Inmersión constituyen  la mitad de las horas de la Formación de Profesores de Yoga de 200 horas homologado por la Yoga Alliance. Sin embargo, en la Inmersión no hay ningun énfasis en como enseñar, sino sólo en nutrirse plenamente de las enseñanzas fundamentales de Anusara Yoga y del yoga en general. (Para más información sobre el Curso de Formación de Profesores ir a FORMACION DE PROFESORES; para más información sobe los requerimientos para las designaciones de Profesor “Inspirado” o “Certificado”  de Anusara yoga ver los apartados NIVELES de PROFESORES de ANUSARA YOGAANUSARA CURRICULUM en ANUSARA YOGA)

Immersion content is aproximately distributed in the following way:

  • Philosophy: 33 %
  • Asana practice and Universal Principles of Alignment: 50 %
  • Pranayama, Meditation, Contemplation & Anatomy: 17 %

Detail content for every Immersion block  HERE

HERE   you will find all the information about required texts for the Immersion and also about complementary readings that can be of your interest.

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